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Found 3 results

  1. Why is the KARMA probes being repeated? Normally the KARMA would only detect 1 probes from each AP found, and now it repeats it. In my attached picture for example KARMA has picked up a probe for O2wireless1D7BBB from 98:f0:ab:17:de:6b but has repeated it 19 times over a period of say a minute!?!? This is really annoying. Before it would only say it once per AP found. It does this to all probes found! It now makes the logs stupidly long..... Thanks
  2. Hi just wondering wether any one could clear this up for me, I have a Huawei wireless modem the 3g type now when I'm running wireshark i noticed that it send a constant stream of probe responses to ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff, now am i right in thinking that an AP will only send a response when receiving a request and why would you send a response to ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff also this is a constant stream not just once in a while and I cant see any probe requests being sent to the AP either. Is this normal or is there something wrong ?
  3. Hi all, Bought my first Pineapple about 1 year ago and it has been the love of my life. I’ve had so much epic times playing with the device. Just so much fun to see how far the abilities would stretch and impress everybody around me. The all loved the Pineapple. But lately I’ve seen some changes in the functions of the Pineapple. In the old days I would plant the Pineapple and see the magic happen. Wireless networks popping up everywhere and people were stunned by the abilities. Nowadays I have to hope that the Pineapple is functioning well when I demo it at a client. The story that the Pineapple is responding the every probe and that the network are being spoofed based on these probes is kind of gone. The behaviour of the Pineapple/Karma isn’t what it used to be and it only spoofs networks that are entered in the device manually and not how it supposed to create networks where devices connected to in the past. And lately people aren’t entering their networks by hand, the just associate to networks and the settings are being saved on the device. I’ve tested this behaviour on WinXP, Win7, Android and iPhone but they are all experiencing the same problems. Now my real question, are there changes made to the way these devices send out probes ? Is it possible that Karma isn’t responding well to these changes ? Are there any other options why the behaviour has changed ? I hope that some of the developers of Pineapple could give some insights on these problems. Thanks for your time :) // ZeteMKaa
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