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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, I was recently talking with someone regarding Private Investigator work, and the discussion included ways in which one could tell which direction a tailed vehicle/person had turned when you get to a junction and are not certain whether they turned left or right etc. This has given me an idea regarding using the Station MAC of their mobile phone to determine which direction they went. Kind of like a poor-mans GSM Directional Finder, but using the target's WiFi signal instead of the actual phone signal. I would like your thoughts on the following, whether you think this would be feasible, and possible best methods if it is. Minimum 2 x directional WiFi antennas in the PI vehicle, one facing forwards and left, one facing forwards and right. Beam widths set so that they are close to each other, but not actually crossing, at the front of the vehicle. A device (RPi / laptop) with both antennas connected. Both antennas in Monitor Mode, using airodump-ng to monitor nearby Station MACs. A script created on the device to read which antenna is picking up a Station MAC with a higher signal strength than the other, and then output this to a screen / phone. Now, presuming the PI is able to get the mobile phone Station MAC of the person being investigated (not massively difficult) and the target has their phone WiFi on (happens often), in theory this method could make following them easier, as even without obvious sight of the vehicle/person ahead, the PI could have at least a rough idea of which direction they are in, in relation to their current position. It could perhaps also be possible to add more antennas, such as in each corner of the vehicle. Would this work? I'm tempted to have a play. Thanks.
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