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Found 3 results

  1. im a noob so sorry for stupid questions...thank you in advance for your time... is it possible for the pineaple nano or tetra to detect the MAC addresses of IoT devices that are not attached to an AP. SO im thinking cars or mobile phones that are not attached to APs in range of the pineapple, or IoT devices that are in range but not attaching to any APs. id like to be able to scan and detect all NIC cards passing a point for a period of time, 10 min or so, this is a way i hope to measure footfall/activity through a gate for a college course. is it possible to detect devices that are independent of local APs and not likely to attach themselves to local APs even when i have my pineapple open and ready to connect...... see told you stupid questions/
  2. I am-new to this forum so thank you for your time in advance.... can the pineapple nano or pineapple tetra detect MAC addresses of vehicles or mobile devices not connected to a wifi network. for example cars or mobile phones passing through an area where they are not connecting to a network or any of the APs in range, this would be handy if it could to measure footfall through a specific area or discover all the IoT devices in a zone??
  3. Hey all, I just got my pineapple nano in the mail. YAY!? It is my very first pineapple and i have no idea what i am doing with it.. I have it set up via my Kali machine, but with no modules available, i don't understand what good it is? What can i do with no modules. A tutorial around the basic interface would be nice. Right now its acting like merely a usb->eth-wireless adapted (seemingly pointless) I was trying to look up old pineapple tutorials, but the interface is so different and there is no infusions tab :( What have i really bought here :( can't even run reaver with it.. so so sad.. Also, as far as using the android app, it is impossible as usb tethering is disabled on my device by my carrier :( sprint> nexus 6 someone please help this noob find his way in the land of pineapple Erik
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