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Found 1 result

  1. EncDecFiles.ps1 Author: (c) 2017 by QDBA Version 1.0 Description EncDecFiles.ps1 is a powershell script to Encrypt / Decrypt a powershell (or any other) file with AES. You can use it to obfuscate your powershell script, so AV Scanner doesn't detect it. Usage: EncDecFiles.ps1 < -Encrypt | -Decrypt > # encrypt or decrypt a file < -In Filename > # Input File [ -Out Filename ] # Output File [ -Pass Password ] # Password Example 1 - encdecfiles.ps1 -In c:\test.ps1 -encrypt Encrypts File c:\test.ps1 with password "hak5bunny" encrypted file is c:\test.enc Example 2 - encdecfiles.ps1 -In c:\test.ps1 -encrypt -pass secret Encrypts File c:\test.ps1 with password "secret" encrypted file is c:\test.enc Example 3 - encdecfiles.ps1 -In c:\test.ps1 -encrypt -Out c:\encrypted-file.aes -pass Secret Encrypt a File c:\Test.ps1 with password "Secret" encrypted file is c:\encrypted-file.aes Example 4 - encdecfiles.ps1 -In c:\Test.enc -decrypt Decrypt a encrypted file c:\test1.enc to c:\test1.ps1 with default password "hak5bunny" How to run the encrypted powershell script In the Script "Run_Script_Example.ps1" you see an example how to load and execute the encrypted Script. Load the encrypted script to a variable. Than execute the function Run with the variable and a password Download https://github.com/qdba/MyBashBunny/tree/master/Other/EncDecFiles
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