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Found 3 results

  1. I installed cURL on my Packet Squirrel with 3.2 firmware using opkg update && opkg install curl which succeeds without errors. However when using cURL from the command line it throws the error: "Error relocating /usr/bin/curl: curl_multi_poll: symbol not found". I tried to opkg upgrade curl but this didn't help. Anyone ran into the same issue and got it solved? Any help is welcome.
  2. So Recently, Maybe a Day Ago, My WifiPineapple Nano Said it Couldn't Fetch Information from WifiPineapple.com. Obviously, This is a Problem Because I Cant Check For Updates, Get new Modules, and MOST Importantly, If a Client Connects To My WifiPineapple They Don't Have Any Wifi… I Can Still Search The Web With It Plugged In, So the Wifi Must Work. As I Said Earlier, This Just happened. I Tried Resetting My Pineapple, And Well That Didn't Work. I Went Back Through The Windows Setups (Windows is my main OS) And Everything Was Set Up Right. Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated.
  3. Hey-row to HAK5 this sunny, hot, Michigan day. I got an email (OH NO, AN EMAIL?!) stating that I was the winner of a brand new iPhone. Click this link to CLAIM MY PRIZE... and I delete before it is opened. Now, I know all of you (being on this forum) should know that this is a S.E. trick that is in wide use. We all have gotten over the fact that the internet is not this glorious, clean, and SAFE environment. So, I thought to myself, why not pick apart what makes a GREAT SOCIAL ENGINEER? Consider if you will (FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY), you completely wipe out any human compassion and, well, frankly just not give a good damn about anybody. I think that is the first step to making a great Social Engineer. You must look at nothing with an emotional capacity. That eliminates a good portion of us Technolusters'. I like helping people, and I was raised not to steal and to be kind. BUT, we all know that there are people out there that have this mentality of "GIMME GIMME GIMME", I think once that stigma is aligned right; it is time to look into Social Engineering. What else does one need to become a callous, heartless, Social Engineer?
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