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Found 3 results

  1. is it possible to mount say a ntfs (windows) from your computer through say the serial connection? this is what i get with lsblk through serial console or maybe a way to directly boot into the linux distro at startup without putting another distro on the storage..?
  2. Hello, I have just received my first duckies and started playing around with them and I gotta admit it is pretty fun. I have also found a great interest in the wget + execute function, especially if something can be worked out to do the same for .app on Mac OS X (if someone could help me out with that it'd help, I don't have any mac to help me out find which keys would allow me to remote download + execute). But most importantly, what's bothering me, is the lack of stealthiness of the actions. *** Bob tells his friend he needs a certain doc Adam answers him sure, let me put it on my USB and let me hand it to you. Adam quickly makes a payload (pre-written and probably pre-compiled too) and puts it inside the SD card. Adam tells him hey, here's the file! Bob inserts the rubber duckyB Bob only sees a couple of things popping up by themselves on the screen, but never ends up with the actual file he's looking for. *** This is a payload for social engineering 2.0 that I'm looking for, as, for now, the only ones available can remotely download and execute files, or fuckup the OS it's on, but anyone looking at the screen while the USB key is plugged will still see something fishy going on, especially if nothing happens afterwards. THEREFORE (getting to the point), I'd like to know if a payload exists, or if it is even possible to actually mount the SD card that is inside the emulator so that we get a double-entry, one of an emulator, and the other one of a stoarge unit, that would allow the opening of a new folder that would appear as an external drive to the user, and where we could put whatever .doc or .pdf that is needed to be transfered? Such a method would allow stealth targetted-infection and much less social engineering and "hoping" that someone just picks up a random USB key and plugs it in to see what happens. Also, the success rate would be much bigger, since you'd be standing right by the person inserting it and he would trust you, since after the little payload of wget and execute is loaded, a windows showing up a mounted external drive with the requested files appear (any non-IT guy would then assume that whatever happened beforewards was just to mount the card/storage) It has been brought to me the idea of creating a folder in %temp% and name it USB KEY where we would download the file to afterwards open it, but it still seems fishy in case the internet connection isn't quite good, and simply because of the location of the "drive", and, MOST OF ALL, because there actually IS an SD card that should be available to be mounted somehow. I have read through a lot of forums and guides and yet couldn't find a payload or any hints as to how to make the emulator recognize the SD card it's using as a drive that's browsable and put some files inside that could be used by whoever plugs the key. If anyone could help me out with that, this would bring the ducky's power to a brand new level. Thanks in advance, -pineapple
  3. Hello all, 2 part question. First, cant seem to get my little 4gig san disk working on the pineapple mk4. I've got it formated to Ext4 and partitioned to an 80-20 split. When i plug it in. the USB light comes on and the disk is listed in the lsusb Output tab as "Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0781:5530 SanDisk Corp. Cruzer". I did the whole "mkswap /dev/sda2" command in advanced. The problem is that when i check the resources tab the disk space hasnt done up. The one thing i havent done that the pineapple booklet says is that because im formating and partitioning with windows minipartition tool instead of linux the process was a little different. I didnt see an option uncheck the take ownership box because there didnt seem to bee one. Is this a major problem, and is this normally enabled by default? Second question is if im not concerned about battery life can i just use a toshiba external HDD thats got two Ext4 partitions to store data. I have the drive partitioned into about 4 parts. 2 of which are the 80-20 split and ext4 format. It has the same problem as the little san disk. i.e shows up in the lsusb output but doesnt acctually increase disk space. Let me know what u think the deal is. Thanks
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