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Found 5 results

  1. So after having a laptop stolen, and finding really no help to recover it, I had to come up with an idea of my own, or maybe it exists, and I don't know. I want to exploit my own laptop by soldering a USB to the motherboard. This USB, once the computer is turned on and logged into, and detects a network, will do one, or all of three things: 1) Will drop a specific remote access file matching one that is pre-saved in a cloud server, allowing the original owner to remotely access their stolen computer. This file will be dropped every single time on startup, and if the file already exists, will write over the existing one, instead of dropping a new one. 2) Email the owner the IP address of the computer when internet is detected. 3) Email the owner GPS coordinates if available. This would be extremely discreet, and, except the motherboard in which it's soldered to, even if the hard drive was swapped out, or the BIOS or OS was wiped and reinstalled, the drive itself would be present, and persistent, allowing the device to be recovered, remotely wiped, etc. at any given time. An added Idea I was given, was to have this soldered USB contain personal information, and proof of purchase, so the rightful owner can't be contested. Would anyone want to help make this possible? I feel I'm in the right place for this, and I also feel that this would be a product that a LOT of people would really want.
  2. Hello, so I am working on my bachelors in network security and I have started messing around with electronics as a hobby. I was looking online for anyone that has added a usb port to the Pineapple Juice 1800, and could not find anything so I decided to give it a try myself. The little board with the usb port is from one of those car usb adapters that plugs into the cig lighter. I bought it for 99 cents with free shipping off ebay a while back. It takes 12v from the vehicle and converts it into 5v for usb, so I figured it would work just fine with this battery pack. The first thing I did was take off the led that was on the board since there is already one on the PJ1800. I then soldered (very poorly) the positive and ground wires to the appropriate connectors on the board. I used a multi-meter to figure out which terminals to solder the wires from the usb board to. I crammed everything in the box. There is not a lot of room so the usb port sticks out from the case. It’s not very pretty, but it works.
  3. I have been tasked with helping develop a packet crafter for a project. Long story short, I have create a packet crafter, explain how it works, and present it to a few professors. From my understanding packet crafting is like MAC spoofing and IP spoofing combined. The basic idea is to take in packets, modify them, send them back out. But appearing that the packets are coming from a different location. I've just started my research but if anyone has any useful links and tips, I'd appreciate your help. My first question is how would I start creating one? 2) What would be the best language to use? 3) Any suggestions for software? Thanks! (If my understanding of the topic is incorrect or off somewhat please correct me but like I mentioned I'm in the early stages of research.) As I progress with this project I will upload my results.
  4. OK so, I know this eccentric DNS guru who sent out a link to this website/forum showing me a post where these people are apparently powering a computer with cooking oil or something? There are pictures but not much of an explanation and -- although this appears to be pretty hacker fabulous -- .I'm not precisely sure what I'm looking at. Any thoughts? http://www.share-scr...ontentcbdd.html
  5. I don't know if this is a newbie/scriptkitty question, but I've looked on the internet for one and have heard on the show about a similar one. Is there such a script or program or even a website that will take a dictionary.txt/dictionary.dic file and modify it to add numbers to the words. (Ex. hello = hello1, hello01 hello 001...) It seems like that is the only thing i'm missing. I'm doing some pen testing on my router and the password resemles (passwordNNNN) It is a default from the ISP and I was going to epicly "Take that!" to a frind of mine. When i was watching an onld episode of Hak.5 i heard darren talk about a similar program that turnes words to 1337 speak. That got me wondering about an option to add special characters or number to a particular area of the dictionary words. (IE.beginning-end, every other, similar pattern.) if there is one for linux and I didn't see or search for it right, please let me know. I'm new here; long time Hak.5 viewer; and don't really know where to post quiestions like these. So if this is the incorrect place, I apologise. time on the computer these days seems to run thin. Thank you in advance for you replies.
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