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Found 7 results

  1. Got my rubber ducky today in the mail. Messed around with it for 30 minutes until I was taking the adapter out of my pc to put it away and the micro sd card flew out of it . I spent roughly 2 hours looking for it on my carpet floor before I gave up. I'm going to buy a replacement. What should I be looking for? I'm just nervous I spend 5 dollars on a 2gb micro sd just to return it. Thanks
  2. Is it possible to load msf on micro sd card and use it via ssh on pineapple? I've done a little research and found a thread that didn't really help much: I ended up formatting my sd card to exFAT since FAT32 doesn't allow executables. Then mounted the sd to my linux OS to curl the nightly installers, which downloaded the msfinstall executable. I mounted the sd card back onto the pineapple and tried running ./msfinstall and got these errors: ./msfinstall Updating package cache.../msfinstall: line 160: apt-get: not found OK Checking for and installing update.. ./msfinstall: line 160: apt-get: not found I ran opkg list-installed and apt-get isn't installed on the pineapple ........ Ooooh-Kaaaay ...... I tried installing it but got these errors: opkg install apt-get Unknown package 'apt-get'. Collected errors: * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package apt-get. Right. So, I mounted my sd card back into my linux OS and cloned the git repository. It downloaded successfully and after running bundle install everything loaded just fine (or so I thought). Ran ./msfconsole and msf5 loaded but without postgresql connection - that's fine. Next, I unmounted my sd card and put it back into the pineapple, ssh'd and ran ./msfconsole and got the following errors: ./msfconsole env: can't execute 'ruby': No such file or directory Now I have to find a way to install ruby -_- since ruby itself is too large to install internally on the pineapple, I have to install it on my sd card - which I'm completely stuck at this point. Say if I do manage to install ruby on the sd how can I get msf to recognize it and load? Has anyone else tried something similar before? Is there a better way to do this than what I'm currently doing? Let me know!
  3. I just got my rubber ducky, the script works like it should when it arrives, but when I put the Micro SD card in the adapter so I can edit the code it doesn't show up, there is a beep from windows saying a new usb drive is in the computer but there is nothing in 'This PC'.
  4. Hi, I have a couple of 64MB micro SD card (some have TransFlash written on them) but my ducky does not seem to recognise them, all I get is a red LED on the ducky. Is there a minimum spec of microSD card or a specific format for low capacity SD cards? At the moment they are formatted to FAT with an Allocation unit size 2048 bytes. I know it’s not the payload as have put it on the microSD the duck came with (128MB I think) and a 16GB and both work fine.
  5. yea as the title says...my kid brother unpackaged my pineapple before i got home from work and the little punk that he usually is threw the freaking piece of paper away that had the SD attached to it so now idk what to do....i formatted a thumbdrive to EXT4 and that is pretty much where i am right now....idk how i'm suppose to go about flashing the firmware and i also read in the little owners manual that it can not be run without an SD so does that mean that installing the firmware on the USB would be moot? ANY help would be greatly appreciated...I'm on a macbook pro runninng 10.10.5
  6. If I copy (2 MB+) files via SCP I encounter time-outs where the transfer stalls. I use WinSCP to transfer the files from the sd card in the pineapple to my local machine but I encounter the same by using scp on the CLI. The transfer freezes each 10-15 seconds and immediately before it resumes (taking another 10-15 seconds) I see the following in the pineapples log: Pineapple kern.info kernel: [75367.090000] usb 1-1.4: reset high-speed USB device number 4 using ehci-platform the output from lsusb is: Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub Bus 001 Device 002: ID 058f:6254 Alcor Micro Corp. USB Hub Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0bda:8187 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8187 Wireless Adapter Bus 001 Device 004: ID 058f:6366 Alcor Micro Corp. Multi Flash Reader I guess this might be a problem with the sd card or reader. I formatted the delivered sd card from the web interface. Did anyone encounter this issue and/or has a solution for this?
  7. Sorry for the noob question but programming isn't my thing (yet.) To store code on the Ducky, do you have to use the Micro SD apart from the Ducky (as in the video) or can you use it installed in the ducky? Nothing I own has Micro SD, hate to have to go buy something I might not need. Thanks. JB
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