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Found 3 results

  1. I would like to know if it is possible to set up a micro SD card so that I can download programs onto the sd card & have them run automatically when I plug it into any of my devices that are compatible with the programs on the card, without any further input from me, similarly to the USB rubber ducky.
  2. I am not a linux expert but I purchased two Pineapple products for a number of self interested applications. I also purchased the A Guide To the Top WIFI Auditing Toolkit and found it lacking in details. I am looking for more verbose technical direction, something I can learn from, an admin guide, anything that will help me setup and operating the two pineapple products I own, the Nano and Tectra. For example, I opened a shell on the Nano to try and find the path to the Micro SD card but I don't know how to find it; LS -a, dir, LS doesn't work, after you stop laughing, I know, it must be some linux kernal I've never heard of and this guy is starting from scratch, what a noob! The CLI on the Nano assumes I know the path as it has no file explorer option to open available locations or select a path; I have to now the path. Yes, I'm a Windows guy. I admit, I'm a total noob but I want to RTFM but I can find anything other than a useless pamphlet. Where are the admin manuals? How do I find my micro SD card to put it into the PineAP logging location.
  3. Hi all, First off, I'm new to this so I'm not sure if it's best practice to piggy-back off another person's post with a similar (but not quite the same) issue or to start my own thread, so my apologies if I'm causing unnecessary duplication. I purchased a Mark V a few weeks ago and have started playing around with it a bit (haven't gotten too far yet). Today I picked up a 16GB SanDisk class 10 Micro SD card (per the Hak5 recommendation: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/31667-answers-to-common-questions/?p=237638), and when I first tried to format it using the Pineapple it didn't work -- it would be stuck in a formatting screen for a long time (I tried a couple times - 20 minutes, 30 minutes) before stopping the attempt. I don't have a Linux box handy, so on my Windows laptop I formatted it as Fat32 instead, and then when I plugged it back into the Pineapple it actually succeeded in formatted as Ext4 in a matter of seconds. The problem I'm having, however, is that aside from the supposedly successful format process, the Pineapple isn't recognizing the card. If I try to install an infusion to SD, I don't get the option, and if I try to install a very large infusion it simply tells me that I don't have enough internal storage and I should insert an SD card. I found a former thread from late 2014 which seemed to imply that this was an ongoing issue -- a lot of people are having a hard time getting their Pineapples to notice that the SD card is actually inserted. I am curious as to whether this has been addressed and I'm having a different or new issue, or if this is just par for the course? I've removed and re-inserted the SD card dozens of times at this point and still no dice. Any suggestions? Do I need to do anything else special (ssh into the Pineapple and mount the drive or something) that I'm just missing entirely, or is the Pineapple just being stupid and I should learn to live with it? The main reason I'm asking is because I'm doing a security awareness event at work on Thursday, Oct. 1, and thought it might be fun to rickroll a few people once I MitM them as part of a wireless security demo. Any thoughts, suggestions, advice, etc. is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance! - BN
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