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Found 6 results

  1. I have been trying to create a proof of concept using the raspberry pi zero w like the pwnagatchi project, with a local hotspot for local control consisting of the esp wifi module, a long distance link using the lora radio to securely upload pcap file to a raspberry pi 4 base station where it could be cracked using any table
  2. All, I am wondering if anyone has the MK 5 configured in either a BATMAN or OLSR MESH with multiple nodes? If so, could you publish some simple instructions on how to configure the MK 5 for this operation? Thanks Doug
  3. I just got my first Mark V the other day.. But when I was doing my research prior to purchase, I thought I saw something about the ability to connect two Mark V's together via the Ethernet ports for increased functionality. Is this true? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Doug
  4. Hello everybody! We are trying to establish a mesh using batman-adv, three Pineapple Mark V and two PC which are the ends of the network and should comunicate with each other. We established a connection using the Wifi Manager on the Pineapple (share internet from wlan0 to wlan1). However, this is not what we need. Therefore we tried to set up the batman protocol, whitout success. Here our queation: Does anybody of you have any experience with the batman protocol and the Pineapple Mark V? As far as I know, the Pineapple runs on an OpenWRT, so it should be possible to set up the batman. Thanks in advance for any kind of advice! Steve
  5. Given that the MKV is described as having "support for [...] mesh networking capabilities", I'm curious exactly what mesh protocol it uses out-of-the-box. 802.11s? batman-adv? AODV? Or is it just ad-hoc? I ask because this is indeed a rare, if not only, device that includes two discrete radios onboard, which would be great for tuning to two non-overlapping channels simultaneously to establish mesh links. And with the addition of the USB port, perhaps even more channels? I'd love to be able to use a few of these devices to relay an Internet connection through the boonies (maybe with the aid of an external amp) when I'm not pentesting with them. It'd be great for stuff like Ingress ;)
  6. I've recently started mapping networks using Kismet and gpsd. I have discovered that my local council is using a mesh network or WDS to set up CCTV in my local area. I'm annoyed at this as they are using the system to spy on the housing estates. Even when they move their cameras around, it is easy to see where they have been previously installed as the sockets are still on the lighting lamp posts. I discovered these vacant lamp posts still transmit( must have AP's installed inside). Must admit the probe responses are what got my attention as they had 'CCTV' in the title:-) Is there a way to view what these cameras are seeing? I would love to prove these cameras insecure. Can anyone point me in the right direction to research this?
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