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Found 4 results

  1. [TL;DR below] Hello, Firstly I would like to say that the Tetra is an amazing piece of equipment and love that it is still being updated. Yesterday I powered up my Tetra again and noticed all the new updates (has probably not been on for a year) and love that it is still very active. That being said, I would like to talk about active remote logging. My goal is to set up the Pineapple Tetra to listen to beacons/probe requests, send this information (preferable syslog 514) to a logcollector so that I can send the information to a Kibana or Grafana dashboard. I live near a pretty busy street, so i would like to see in graphs how many unique devices walk by my house. At the moment I've noticed that only reporting/logging over SMTP is enabled. Unfortunately services like syslogd/syslog-ng have not been integrated in the GUI nor enabled in the shell. I'm able to install one of them through the opkg installer, but before i start adding dependencies over SSH I wanted to check, where can I get the logs from? I enabled the PineAp, started the logging and after a few minutes started the reporting manually and also enabled log every hour. I started an SSH session and started to look for the logging. Firstly I found some sessions_xxx files but these did not contain the information I was looking for. Then I just tailed the files in the tmp folder and noticed it contained the information I was looking for: *Removed MAC intentionally* Unfortunately, this file is only updated with a minimum of once per hour. I've yet to find the file that the PineAp configuration is actively adding the logging information. I did find some files that i believe contained the information, but unfortunately this did not seem to be clear text files. You might be thinking, why use the Tetra for something like this, a Raspberry would suffice. The reason I want to use the Tetra is because i'm done (at the moment) playing with all it's features and I love the range of it. Since i'm not using it for anything else, I thought using it as a beacon/probe request listener would be better than gathering dust on the shelf. [TL;DR] 1. Is there a clear text file that the PineAp configuration logs to so you could basically tail -f the file to see new beacons/probe requests without using the one hourly reporting function. 2. Is it safe to install syslog-ng or syslogd over opkg without potentially bricking the Tetra? [3]. I do not believe there is, but if anybody has a complete setup working with logging to something like ELK stack/Grafana/Kibana, care to share?
  2. I am not a linux expert but I purchased two Pineapple products for a number of self interested applications. I also purchased the A Guide To the Top WIFI Auditing Toolkit and found it lacking in details. I am looking for more verbose technical direction, something I can learn from, an admin guide, anything that will help me setup and operating the two pineapple products I own, the Nano and Tectra. For example, I opened a shell on the Nano to try and find the path to the Micro SD card but I don't know how to find it; LS -a, dir, LS doesn't work, after you stop laughing, I know, it must be some linux kernal I've never heard of and this guy is starting from scratch, what a noob! The CLI on the Nano assumes I know the path as it has no file explorer option to open available locations or select a path; I have to now the path. Yes, I'm a Windows guy. I admit, I'm a total noob but I want to RTFM but I can find anything other than a useless pamphlet. Where are the admin manuals? How do I find my micro SD card to put it into the PineAP logging location.
  3. Hello, I've had big problems with logging of request and associations to /tmp/pineapple.log . The logging very often stopped after roughly 30 mins. I added option log_buffer_size 32 to /etc/config/system and the problems seem to have disappeared since then. Anybody else with the same problem? Did I fix the right thing? Thanks, .kai
  4. I want to use the pineapple to bridge clients to a MiFi unit. As my cellular traffic has a monthly limit, I would like to track the monthly usage of each client on the network. I would like the be able to determine which of my clients is excessively using the bandwidth. I am less concerned about a per-protocol breakdown, and more concerned about over all per client traffic. Is there an infusion that would be able to track this? Per hostname would be best as the IP address could change.
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