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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, Does anyone have experience with getting a Metasploitable3 VM up and running in Proxmox VE? I'd prefer not to run VirtualBox if I can avoid it, and Proxmox has been awesome for everything else I've done in a lab environment. Alternately, is there a package that can be run against a vanilla windows 2008 server and / or ubuntu 14.04 server to set it up as a Metasploitable3 target? Thanks
  2. Hello. I am new to this forum so if this thread needs to be moved somewhere else, please let me know. Sorry in advance. I have built a hacking lab for testing purposes. I have a target router which leads to a MitM device and a switch. The switch connects two target machines and a hacking machine. I want to supply internet access to the two target machines by connecting the router to my main router, thus giving it internet access (currently the router is not supplying internet). I have heard it is a bad idea to give labs internet access (for obvious reasons). Is there a safe and secure way of doing this that doesn't raise a high/moderate change of comprising the network outside of my hacking lab? I have heard of people using VPNs to secure their network. I just haven't really seen it done in this aspect. Any advice in doing this would be super great! Thanks.
  3. Hello fellow hake forum fans, I recently set up a xenserver on an intel nuc, and have a few VMs up and runnning. Right now all 4 VMS show up on the network using the same ethernet NIC and have different ip addresses, which is great and my home hack lab is almost complete. YAY! except my dreams have been a little crushed. I wanted to use this little portable hack lab in a demo at work on exploiting various windows machines on a network with metasploit thus gaining meterpreter sessions. Its not a complete show stopper, but i wanted to demo how one could get access even to a users webcam. Problem is, the VMs don't have web cams right. So while i was waiting for my nut to arrive, i prematurely grabbed a few cheap $5 usb webcams from micro center. The cams work right out of the box on both my realworld linux and windows machines, but it seems i can't do usb passthroughs to VMs on XenServer, accept for usb storage devices. I am wondering if anyone else using xenserver has managed to get anything working like this. The idea was to plug in a few usb web cams and assign them to different VMs on my host. I read somewhere that it may be possible with usb over network but the devices i have found for that seem to expensive of a risk. I realize that xenserver is open source so i guess i was hoping someone made a plug in for this. I gather another option would be to use a different hypervisor rather than xenserver. but i don't feel like paying for ESXi and had a real hard time trying to build an iso for nuc. none of the tutorials i have seen worked for me. Thoughts?
  4. Morning all, I've been lucky enough to get myself a spot in a top-notch SOC. While I'm a smart kid, I'm still a long way from being an expert, and one of the steps on the road to becoming a security zen master is a way to learn all the stuff I won't learn on the job. Hence, personal lab is required. I've had some ideas, and some advice from a good friend who knows what he's talking about, and some of his advice was to ask you guys for thoughts. My main goals for a lab are: - Proxy server - Firewall - VPN - Some sort of basic NIDS/NIPS Additional goals, but these are stretch goals: - DHCP - Start learning about AD - Pen testing - Malware analysis My budget isn't huge but I can probably stretch to close to €1,000 at the minute. I'm still working on the details, which is where I hope you can come in with some thoughts. Firstly, hardware. I'm thinking that I can get a shuttle/HTPC box and max out the RAM (16GB or even 32), then virtualize most of the functions with ESXi. Should I plan for more than one physical box or is one enough for now? For OS, I want to do as much with Linux as possible because although I've used it, I'm still pretty green. Are there distros you would recommend for this? Bonus points for the less dependency headaches I have with installing the various software packages. I've only done a very small amount of exploration on applications, enough to suggest that squid might be a good place to start for a proxy but no more than that really. Walkthroughs, guidance, instructions - I know what it's like to be constantly pestered by newbies on really basic questions so if you can point me at resources that will help to save me from asking them, that would be great. I have a couple of books that I'm sure will have some relevant stuff in, but they're not exactly tailored to this specific task - if you know of more that will be a good idea for me to read for this purpose, please say so. Finally, if I also plan on setting up a media server, could this be done on the same machine or should I avoid that? Thanks for your time, fearnothing
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