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Found 2 results

  1. hello i wanted to ask which hak5 tool helps me to get information of any kind about the particular pc
  2. I found a visual basic script embedded in the C:\Windows\System32 folder of Windows 7 called "GatherNetworkInfo.vbs" When I right clicked on this script with the "edit" option and read the code I thought it was a virus! But it existed on another laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate. (I think it is part of netsh tracing function) Anyway, I copied and pasted this script to my desktop and then opened a command terminal in my Desktop path and ran the strange script with: "wscript GatherNetworkInfo.vbs" and lo-and-behold a folder magically appeared on my Desktop called "config" and inside this folder it listed my admin username, my machine name, intimate details about my network card and settings, details about my router and neighboring routers, my current firewall settings, my installed Microsoft security updates and a plethora of other juicy security details. I think this script can be used to do information gathering during a pen-test and could probably be made to pipe the "config" folder on to a rubber ducky. Anyways I felt the script a little too dangerous to have just sitting there ready to be executed because the info gathered would be all anyone would need to remote access your box especially if one or more security patches were found not to be installed. I deleted this script from my working box for security with a live linux disk but kept a copy of it for my USB Rubber Ducky to use as reconnaissance . The script is completely portable and uses embedded systems such as netsh to gather all its info so I think it is a shoe-in for a pen-testers toolbox.
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