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Found 4 results

  1. Hello guys and girls! I 've accidentally deleted some initial portion (little I think) of my drive through the following command: openssl enc -aes-256-ctr -pass pass:"$(dd if=/dev/urandom bs=128 count=1 2>/dev/null | base64)" -nosalt < /dev/zero > /dev/sda The following partitions existed prior to my fault: sda1/2 (Windows) - about 100GB sda3 (Extended) - about 100GB sda4 Veracrypt - about 700GB some Unallocated space With the above command I wanted to fill with noise the sda3 partition, but due to a mistake while typing the number 3, did
  2. I have seen a few things people have made with old hard drives? Tesla turbines being among the coolest. Lately I've been getting into locks and whatnot and I thought it might be cool to make a wheel pack for a combination lock from some hard drive platters. What are you doing wit your had old hard drives?
  3. I wrote a program today that will read a physical drive directly. I read the first 50,000 bytes into a txt file, starting at sector zero. I see some text, but also a lot of graphics characters and symbols. I have googled what this could be, but haven't really found anything. I know its some sort of encoding of my data, but I'm not sure. My hopes are that its something that can be made sense of. I have seen some of this from assembly, however I'm still not sure what I'm looking at. I will post some of the out put below. So the question is, what is it. If someone could give me some insight or a
  4. Am having a storage issue with my Dell PowerEdge 840 which is my web server/file server. The documentation for the server says that each of the four sata ports on the motherboard can only support hard drives up to 1TB in size, and i confirmed this by reading posts of people having issues with larger drives no matter what OS their using. Can installing a sata controller that supports larger drives bypass this issue. Thanks, in advance
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