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Found 3 results

  1. @Foxtrot I am disappointed but not surprised at your 2nd attempt to shut me down, I mean closing a Topic after your comment. I mean seriously? Is your word final? You are a representative of Hak5 and I expect your behaviour to be a little bit more professional. But I will do you the courtesy and address your comments. "Old account" I am no liar, I have explained my problem logging in to a previous member (Jtyle6) and wish not to keep repeating myself. Telling me 100 times its not block or it works on my system does not help my cause. But anyway I have found a work around it. So its not an issue for me anymore. "The forums are not customer support. They are a community driven resource" Once a person buys a product/service [Pineapple] from a company [Hak5] they are classed as a "Customer" , right? How else can they debug/test your product without purchasing it. So dressing it down as "community driven resource" does not wash and I'm sure trading laws see it the same. We are customers period. "and I do not appreciate you suggesting that the people on here who disagree with you are paid by us to do so" Foxtrot, no member has commented/disagreed on any of my post and I have replied back saying they get paid from you [Hak5], this is a false statement by you. I have no idea, why you think you can twist a comment like that which is public and get away with it. Did you think I wouldn't pick up on it? "We are an incredibly small team, and finding the time to reply to every forum thread is hard sometimes. Just because your thread didn't receive a staff reply doesn't mean it was ignored by us." Yes it is very clear you are a small team, I think I called it in over your heads. Again, where are you getting this assumption that I am/was awaiting from a response from you/your staff? But let's assume I was awaiting for a response, then yes you did "ignore my post". However you found the time to comment on "Thermostaten" . Do you not think if you wrote a comment about the topic to the person who raised it, might make the person feel they are being listen to? Just a suggestion. A no response is assumed as being ignored. How are people meant to know what you and your staff read/ignore. So in this cause I dont buy the "I was too busy/small team" excuse, you clearly opted to not reply (ignore) the topic creator aka JuicyFruit. "It seems very clear to me that JuicyFruit/includeV has had a poor experience with his device, and for that I am personally sorry that this was the case, - however -, some things need to be clarified:" I do not accept you are sorry for my experience, otherwise you would have found the few seconds to reply (as above). Its only because I am making comments in these forum that you do not like you are replying and trying to shut me down. "I feel like my post sufficiently sums up the points raised in this post" Are you serious? You did not address a single post of my original post. Its taken you over a month to respond to everything I have posted except this topic! Foxtrot (2 left feet) I get the impression you are used to people telling you how "great you are" and not telling you how it is, and I sense a level of arrogance from you (from your response). If you had produced this device in any other company you would have been fired ages ago. I'm not here to big up anyone's ego, the fact is the device design and concept is great. But the execution of it is poor, which does not reflect in the price. Nor you or anyone can explain to me, how this device (3x the price of the Raspberry Pi) is anywhere near better. This is a clear attempt from you, to stop me posting negative (or the truth) about the device or Hak5 behaviour. You cannot tell me that this device is not over priced and buggy. I'd advise you to spend more time in the forums then hiding is discord as it looks as if your hiding. I get a lot of people in my field asking me about the device, I have yet to recommend this device since purchasing it. Maybe one day, who knows. I am happy/expect you to close this topic and/or remove my account as you do.
  2. Infusion Versions : [03/10/13 15:14] -Version 0.1 - First Release (▬ = Unsupported/Old ▬ = Devel ▬ = Current/Supported) Infusion Info : Commander is an infusion for the WiFi Pineapple Mark V that connects to user-specified IRC servers and allows you to control the pineapple over the IRC protocol. This allows a fast, easy to use and (hopefully) reliable text-based service. The front-end for the infusion is made up of PHP and JavaScript, while the back-end is programmed in Python, thus requiring Python as a dependency. Tips : -To see a list of command currently used by Commander, once connected to an IRC server type your prefix and then "commands", for example "+commands" or "!commands". Disclaimer : This infusion has the power, if used incorrectly you could seriously mess up your pineapple, which could lead to you having to reflash or other unwanted action. 'Dangerous' commands that you need to be careful with are "rm, mv, execute" etc. An "are you sure?" will be implemented in a later version. That said, Please have fun using this infusion! Features in Development : -User Authentication -Ask to continue on certain commands -Possibly change PRIVMSG to NOTIFY to prevent populated channel spam.
  3. Hey guys :) So a new module for the new Mark V :), an easy dipswitch modifier. Currently the one included to me seems a bit confusing. But that's probably just me... :P :D So 'Switch' will be a visualised version of the included one as an infusion, with some pretty graphics and multiline textboxes. Pics Soon -Foxtrot
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