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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Guys, One of the many things I've learned from the hak5 community is that Fon's are pretty awesome, as is dd-wrt. It's time for me to get a new router because my ancient refurbished TimeCapsule doesn't do a router level VPN and I'm retiring my last Macbook which means I won't have a computer that's compatible with the Airport Utility (it doesn't play well with Linux and I reject Windows). Btw if anyone really wants my TimeCapsule and has something to trade then you can PM me. I'm not as savvy with this type of stuff as a lot of you guys are tho, so I wanted to check that I won't be disappointed if I go with the $79.99 Fonera 2.0. I would get the NetGear R6300 based on speed, but the price is too high. This $80 is the most I can spend and if the router isn't a Fon then let's say my max price is $50 (b/c the Fon can earn $ for you). Would someone kindly tell me if I'd be correct to think that the Fon 2.0n will be the most 1337 in my price range and will cover me on the following criteria (?): dd-wrt compatible --> I know the older version is... http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/LaFonera_%28en%29#Flashing_of_a_LaFonera and would i be able to use it without losing the Fon's capability of selling your WiFi? can be used for a router-level VPN is something I can show to other hackers/nerds/IT/CS-folks with pride is fast as possible in my price rangeit's 300mbs for 802.1 n i know that 802.1 ac has started coming out, but i think those are all $164+ used on eBay and $219+ new Thank you very much!
  2. I've been trying to figure out how to turn my laptop with two wireless cards and an eth0 into a kind of pineapple by installing the appropriate software. The Laptop already is configured with BT5. So I've been reading and see that some people use the so called Fon (don't know what that is) to duplicate the activity of the pineapple. Is there indeed a way to turn a laptop into a pineapple using BT5? I know I can run sslstrip on the laptop, and also karmasploit, but can they both be run at the same time and if so, what is the configuration for this or is there a tutorial somewhere explaining how to load both karmasploit and sslstrip? Thanks!
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