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Found 6 results

  1. I’d like to install modules to a USB flash drive and am using the Tetra, v1.1.2, how do I get the Modules -> Manage Modules page to show up with an ‘Install to USB Storage’ button? If that’s not supported in the GUI then how can I attached USB storage and use it for modules beyond just for the swap space? I noticed a bug report asking for the removal of the install to internal storage button altogether but since there is a USB port which can be used with a flash drive or USB w/microSD card on the Tetra, the functionality should be supported just the same as it is on the Nano.
  2. /Didn't search I read in the SSL strip2+HTS thread about how using a thumb Drive helps mitigate their issues associated with the SD slot/kernal issues (?). If that's applicable, thoughts on using a thumb drive to mitigate all the SD card issues people seem to have?
  3. I was going to install Kali Linux on a laptop that I picked up. It's UEFI secure boot. I found some forum posts about this from 2013 but it is a post with an unclear tutorial and then all of the responses are people saying it didn't work and asking questions. Have any of you guys done this lately? Is there a script for this or a well worded tutorial? This sounds stupid but EFI isn't really something I've had to deal with. My old Dell didn't have it. Then I got a Toshiba. I doesn't have it either. There's just a secure boot thing option you turn off in the bios and then you can install wha
  4. Is there any way for me to inject a payload into the duck that records keystrokes automatically, or at least run a software that i made, a keylogger, automatically upon insertion? If there is can you give the codes? Thank you.
  5. So I recently acquired one of these: http://www.sandisk.com/products/usb/dualdrive/?gclid=Cj0KEQjwqe-rBRCv_J6qs6isp6EBEiQAmbctFtHJ882N09c-28MKcuayrIhHK5ThPcFfuP7-CikmcYcaAl168P8HAQ What I want to do is have the flash drive copy all of the information from the phone when connected. I know a hack like this is possible exploiting the autorun feature on Windows, but I have limited experience with Android. Does anyone know how/if this could be done?
  6. Hello I just got the MKIV last night and I am very green as far as the pineapple. My issue seems to be every thumb drive I install causes the system to hang almost like a boot loop. I tried the ext4 for mating, is my device botched? or am i just an idiot.I have always used windows but wanted to free my mind and am trying linux. Am i doing some thing wrong?
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