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Found 6 results

  1. I know there a few threads here with similar problems, but their solutions do not seem to apply to me so here I am. If there is a thread that applies to me that I missed, please direct me to it. Basically, I received a new USB Rubber Ducky recently, and followed the instructions to write a hello world text file that was converted to an inject.bin file. I transferred this file to the micro sd and put the micro sd in the Rubber Ducky. However, when I plug the device into my laptop, my laptop does not notify me of anything happening. The laptop does not know there is a new device linked, and the Rubber Ducky displays a solid red light. I read that the solid red light means the Rubber Ducky cannot read the sd card. I tried fidgeting with the sd card in all sorts of ways, and even tried a second micro sd card. However, the red light persisted each time I plugged the device into my computer. I emailed Hak5 about a refund or a replacement (2 weeks ago) but have received no response. Is there anything I can do, or have I been ripped off?
  2. I have been troubleshooting issues with the bashbunny for as long as it has been available. I got mine as soon as it was released; and it has been nothing but problematic from day one; which is a shame. The device, in theory, is probably the best thing Hak5 has ever come out with; but it practice, it has been the least usable in my experience. Many payloads will not run consistently; if they run properly at all. Every payload that makes use of the USB partition (the one thing that should really allow us to accomplish truly amazing feats) is problematic for many of its customers. The bashbunny forum is littered with threads full of people who cannot get any credential payloads to work because USB writing fails; among other problems. Simple ducky payloads that execute fine on the ducky or on nethunter's duckhunter will not inject properly a fair percentage of the time on the bashbunny. I see mixed character case issues where they shouldn't be and other anomalies. I am really hoping the USB corruption issues and the bizarre injection problems I am having is due solely to the fact that I adopted so early and the rest of the devices are not plagued with these issues; as they make the device unusable. I am pleading with Hak5 support here to please provide me with a replacement. I and my friends have poured countless hours of time and ulcers into trying to get this device to work; with, very little and, no lasting success. Anything we get to to work once or twice is quickly broken by yet another USB corruption issue or other strange injection anomaly. Please help me. I have gone through every unbricking, reflashing, updating, and udisk reformatting operation that support has given and have tried every firmware available. Nothing seems to be able to salvage this bunny. Help me technolust-ken-obee. You're my only hope...
  3. hi all nothing works on this device for some reason and I REALLY have followed the videos both here and on youtube. SO I am assuming that the box itself is ok and it's something "I" am doing. What happens is that I flash with the latest OS try follow TO THE LETTER a video telling me how to get a MITM attack working and things go very wrong. Interfaces stop for no reason that I can see and I never seem to get anything that looks like a data file. SO is there a script, manual, video that others have used to get started with the Pineapple V and Kali? I have tried many times to get this thing doing something and each time gave in. ANY help would be appreciated.
  4. Like the title says, I managed to log in one time, changed the timezone, now it's bricked. I've tried every method I can find to get it working. Multiple PC's, different cables, reboots galore, the oh so helpful "unbricking" instructions...you name it, I've tried it. Every method seems to assume you can actually connect to the darn thing, which of course, I can't! I get "Network cable unplugged" since it crashed, nothing works. If you have some secret method of getting this thing to work, and keeping it working, I would love to know before I RMA it. If you need more information, I will be happy to supply it.
  5. Hi all, I just thought I would write this post to help any further problems with a constant blinking amber light going on and on and on. If you bought a brand new pineapple V and it never seems to install the update.bin file. Here is the problem. It is the 2GB SD Cards. Although the Pineapple V should be able to read FAT it seems to be having problems. The SD Card I got with my brand new Pineapple V had nothing on it. It was just blank. So I went onto the Pineapple Site and downloaded the update software. You can get it here:https://wifipineapple.com/index.php?downloads&download_mk5_zip=1.1.0 Don't use the 2GB FAT SD Card you got with your Pineapple V - Get yourself a 8GB SD Card and format it to FAT32 - Unzip the zip file you downloaded and save the contents (update.bin & MD5 file) to your desktop. Now simply copy them from your desktop into the root directory of your newly formatted 8GB SD Card. Take the card and insert it into your Pineapple V, next insert the power lead and watch. You'll get the blinking amber light while it searches for the update file. Then you'll get a solid blue light telling you that the Flash is in progress. My Pineapple V then went back to a constant amber for a short while and then onto a blinking blue light as the Pineapple V was now booting up. And lastly I have the red, blue and amber flashing and a constant green light. This is telling me that the Flash is complete. I hope this is of some use to anyone who has been having problems with a faulty Pineapple V. All the best. :)
  6. Have you guys read the recent news? http://thehackernews.com/2013/09/hacking-facebook-to-delete-any-account.html The researcher literally shares the single .php line to put into the URL that is needed to delete ANY facebook account, and even the ID data needed is publicly available too. It's an even more shame because the researcher turned this into Facebook (for those who know, Facebook pays those who find bugs in their system) and they won't even look at his submission. It's a shame
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