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Found 1 result

  1. I picked up a cctv system from newegg for $50. Partly because I wanted to be able to keep an eye on my apartment when I'm away, and partly to play around with. Specifically, it is a Rosewill RSCM-0704B042. The first thing I did was fire up nmap to see what ports were open. I see the following ports open: 23 (telnet),80 (web),554 (rtsp),8000 (web alt) ,49152 (unknown). My best guess for port 49152 is that it is for the custom viewing application. I tried to connect to the device via telnet with the usual password combos root/root, root/blank, root/toor, root/password, as well as the default password for the web interface admin/123456. None of these worked, which was surprising. My next step was to take a look at the firmware, so I pulled a copy from http://www.rosewill.com/media/downloadable/drivers/Shieldeye_PC-_CMS.zip to see if there was anything interesting. I unpacked the romfs and found etc/passwd files. There was a standard passwd, and "passwd-". I don't know what significance the "passwd-" has. I have included both hashes below. "passwd" root:$1$$64lU4r1qa6icjzK/sBmQo.:0:0::/root:/bin/sh "passwd-" root:ab8nBoH3mb8.g:0:0::/root:/bin/sh The first i immediately sent to jtr, but it has been running for >12 hours. I basically have 2 questions: Will jtr eventually crack the password? My assumption is that it will eventually be cracked. Is there a better tool for cracking the password? I am currently generating a rainbow table for 1-7 character lowercase alpha passwords. It has occurred to me that this probably isn't the correct keyspace to be searching.
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