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Found 3 results

  1. For those applicable: If you have ever thought of building your own ar-15 or have one and want a refresher. With some humorous banter, this video is informative. From CarolinaCon by Deviant Ollam(?) in 2016. The title is a bit misleading as he goes over some of the options in regards to changing the upper to change the caliber. He failed to go into a slew of options like a 9mm, 6.5 Grendel or the .50 Beowulf to name a few. Still informative if it's your cup o' tea.
  2. I am looking for material that might better explain the basic functionality of Anti-Virus programs such as the old mcafee and other programs such as security suites that are specifically produced by that system's managers? Maybe even to give a low-level user the introductory things such as how or what security suites look for when they scan a file, how the files are scanned etc? I mean, I have allot of questions on the subject, but they are all arbitrary and motivated for other reasons. I was wanting to find out the right direction in learning about this without it being through il-motivation.. I am, in a way, seeking a way to improve the security of a certain program through the creation of my own add-on(s)...
  3. Found and excellent reference for EMR, Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum Poster,you can get a free color PDF file or a large poster $9.99 = great colors and great explanations http://www.unihedron.com/projects/spectrum/moreinfo.php If you are interested in EMR this is worth checking out, poster is worth it! Tim
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