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Found 3 results

  1. After reading up on how Mailvelope works there *appears* to be (at least) one fatal flaw - if you use it with gmail, google automatically saves a draft of your email before you send it.... and I'm guessing that mailvelope does not take this in to account... ie, before you encrypt your message a draft of your unencrypted message is forever saved on google's servers and you're back to square one. Obviously in transit the message is ok but what if you don't want Google sniffing your personal emails for sales opportunities? Maybe Mailvelope does take this in to account and I am uninformed - can anyone talk intelligently regarding this?
  2. So I was working on some powershell-Fu for a customer to restrict e-mails with specific keywords in the e-mail body or subject line from being delivered to a mobile device. In this effort I developed a script that creates hidden rules in exchange that are unable to be detected in the exchange management shell by an admin or in microsoft Outlook by the user. I also wrote a second tool to detect view and delete these hidden rules. What I would like to do is adapt this for the USB Ducky where when the duck is inserted it runs a script that injects a hidden mailbox rule that will auto forward all e-mails received by the user to a specified account. The difficulty here is that the script requires a dll that extends the standard MAPI32.dll that comes with Outlook or the MAPI CDO installer. I am looking for suggestions on the best way to approach getting the dll on the system during the duck script execution. I am considering the Twin Duck firmware ( HID + Mass Storage ) option to see if i could copy the dll to a tmp folder prior to running the script and if i were to do that i would also like to copy the ps1 file so i would just open powershell copy the 2 files to tmp launch the Ps1 from tmp dir and then delete the dir and walk off. any suggestions would be welcome
  3. Whats the best way to back up web based e-mail msgs. Services like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail offer POP/SMTP servers. IMAP caches the msgs w/out removing the original from the server. I need an all in one utility that can D/L emails, contacts, and attachments. The ideally utility should encrypt the info and integrate seamlessly into apps like Outlook. Cnet offers like a million and one different backup apps for Windows. Is there one that works on Linux and Windows?
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