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  1. Intro If you're like me, you'll want to get the most out of your USB Rubber Ducky. How do we do that? We flash firmwares that allow multiple payloads such as Detour Duck! The problem I had with Detour Duck is that the process of selecting your scripts, compiling them, and loading them on your microSD AND THEN TESTING was a giant pain in the ass. When troubleshooting/debugging your scripts the last thing I want to do is spend half of my time, typing out the compiler commands, and loading the files onto my flash drive in the correct script order. My solution? Ducky Deploy! An automated DuckyScript Encoder GUI that enables anyone, especially first timers, to code and load their first Ducky Script within seconds! What can you do with Ducky Deploy? - One click compile, load AND eject your microSD (No more long cli commands!) - Quickly associate Ducky Scripts with Trigger keys (Ducky Decode and variants only) - Quickly choose keyboard layouts - Quickly change out existing ducky scripts on your microSD - Easily visualize all your Ducky settings at a glance This project is not quite finished as there's a couple of other improvements I want to make, but otherwise, it's working pretty well IMHO. Let me know in the comments what you think! Suggestions/improvements? Current version - v1.0.0703.0831 - Duck encoder 2.6.3 Wishlist - Custom keyboard layout chooser (workaround already there) - Overwrite all checkbox - Instead of delete all... - Include the ability to change your encoder?/specify one? MegaWish - Verify that a drive and not a folder is selected - Verify that the compiler finished Ducky Deploy Release.rar
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