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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys. I just got my LAN Turtle, I was trying to sniff credentials over HTTP but I didn't find any module to do the job. The closest one to what I need is URLSnarf but it only logs the URLS of the request, is there a module to read the data of the requests? Or, Can I read the data of the request with URLSnarf?
  2. Hi ! I wrote this script to sniff on OPN 802.11 networks and extract URLs but it seems that the last part with Urlsnarf doesn't work ! Can you please help me to correct it? #!/bin/bash # My first script #enter functions press_enterandstop() { echo -en "\nPress Enter to continue" read #airmon-ng stop mon0 } press_enternoclear() { echo -en "\nPress Enter to continue" read } press_enter() { echo -en "\nPress Enter to continue" read clear } #kill NeworkManager selection= until [ "$selection" = "1" ]; do echo " NeworkManager 1 - Stop NetworkManager 2 - Restart NetworkManager 0 - exit program" echo -n "Enter selection: " read selection echo "" case $selection in 1 ) service NetworkManager stop ; press_enter ;; 2 ) service NetworkManager restart ; press_enter ;; 0 ) exit ;; * ) echo "Please enter 1, 2, or 0"; press_enter esac done echo "Seting monitor mode" iwconfig press_enternoclear; function monitormode(){ echo -n "Type the network interface " read wlan airmon-ng start $wlan } monitormode; #Checking the mon interface #Checking monitor mode function mon(){ ifconfig -s -a | grep -i "mon"> moninterface.txt mon=`head -n 1 moninterface.txt | cut -c -4` echo $mon press_enternoclear; echo "Checking injection capabilities" aireplay-ng -9 $mon #press_enternoclear; #Capturing export CAPT_DIR=/home/leila/bin/captures export CAPT_DEST=$CAPT_DIR/capture mkdir -p $CAPT_DIR airodump-ng -w $CAPT_DEST $mon press_enternoclear; } mon; #Decrypting the files function decryptap(){ f=`ls -w 1 $CAPT_DIR/capture-??.cap | tail -n 1` echo -n "Type the AP " read ap airdecap-ng -e "$ap" $f g=`ls -w 1 $CAPT_DIR/capture-??-dec.cap | tail -n 1` tcpdump -r $g -vvv > suctest.txt dsniff -i lo > sniff.txt & urlsnarf -i lo > url.txt & tcpreplay -i lo -t $g echo "finish" } decryptap; airmon-ng stop $mon
  3. For the full tour of the application, please view http://www.elithecomputerguy.com/ETCGCommunity/index.php?do=/forum/thread/65/aircrack-ngui/. Mods, I am not redirecting to another site for any ad purposes. Merely because you have an image limit. So, the abridged version. My program is a graphical interface to Aircrack-NG, dsniff, and nmap (at least the main part). If you go to "Other Tools", it includes other network/computer security tools that you can use (including Wireshark, MAC Changer, BURP Suite, TOR Network). My overall goal of the application is to be a "swiss army knife" for those learning network security and network professionals alike. Let me know if you can help develop, run quality control, or beta test. It's currently up on BitBucket and you can get the link from http://aircrackngui.blogspot.com. Also, let me know what you think. Good idea, bad idea, done too often, doesn't compete with other suites like it? Thank you for your time.
  4. Hello community, my name is Mike aka MacGyv3r. At first, i would inform you that i'm not a native English speaker, apologys for some mistakes in the wording. Now i want to share a little application calls JaG. JaG stands for (J)ust (a)nother (G)ui. I've begun to write JaG, because i want to learn Python (Tkinter)and understand how to work with tools like dsniff and sslstrip (There are not all tools implemented yet). My intention to show the program here is, I just want to get feedback about the Python code. Maybe i have errors in it or i can do a few things easier? Every feedback, equal postiv or non positiv will be helpfully. Greats MacGyv3r Download Link No permission to upload this file here.
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