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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all, I thought you guys might like to see this. I woke up today to the sound of a drone flying around my house and a couple of people in my yard. I have a Dominion power easement going across the back of my property in Williamsburg, Va. and they were here taking a look at the power lines. They told me Dominion (Probably a 3rd party contractor Company) just bought these to replace the helicopters they used to use. They didn't seem very happy with it and wished it had more power or ability. ..I'm not sure of the details of what they want. It took two controllers to fly the copter and control the Camera. Sorry I don't have more details or a video of it in flight. Looks pretty fancy to me, I wonder what something like that costs?
  2. i was reading this article http://www.wired.com/2015/08/welcome-world-drone-killing-laser-cannon/ so for those who have a drone look out.
  3. Hey everyone! I want to upgrade my current quad as it is very stock right now but I need some advice. First here is a picture of my FlameWheel F450. It is the first quad I've ever built which is why it has a lot of stock parts. (I wanted to make sure I could get it flying before trying anything else) As you can see I have the standard DJI plastic props on it. I would like to move to carbon fiber but don't know exactly what to get. I see the name Graupner everywhere and have looked into their e-props. Does anyone have experience with them or prefer some other props over them? I also want to start using some 4S batteries. I currently use two 3S batteries, one at 4000mAh and another at 5000mAh. They give me great flight times but even in atti mode I don't get as much speed as I would like (this is with the pitch gain set to 400%). I have read that you can only use a 4S battery with 8" props on the F450 otherwise the motors will burn up. I've also read on some other forums that some people have had success with a 4S 10" prop setup. So, will moving down to 8" props with a 4S battery give me more power? One last question. I also want to upgrade from a 2.4 GHz setup to a 5.8 GHz setup. This should obviously give me a longer range with the quad (I've flown out of range with my 2.4 setup but luckily the NAZA-M V2 brought it back within range). Does anyone have any recommendations for a 5.8 GHz setup? Thanks.
  4. Garda


    Hi, Does anyone have any experience with these? I have been told that it's a good idea to get a cheaper ~$50 one to practice my piloting. I expect that I will probably be terrible and crash it often. Is it as fun as I imagine it will be?
  5. I know the peeps of Hak5 are into Drones and I'm sure some of the people on the forums are as well (me being one of them) so could we possibly take a vote to add a drone section to the forums? I think it would be a nice addition where people can ask questions and share their experience about the hobby. What do you all think?
  6. There are a number of quadrotors and drones which can be controlled via wireless, from various devices. This limits the range for the rc vehicles - we can fly them no further than wifi range. I'm wondering if there are drones/remote controlled flying machines that can be controlled over the mobile internet. If the drone contained 3G/4G phone innards, the controller could make contact with drone from and to wherever there is mobile phone reception, allowing a potential range of many many miles. I know there are laws sayinbg controllers must have line-of-sight and a range of 500 metres or similar? So I'm certainly not planning to actually system. Rather, this is a "what if" question. Abstract but lawful. I'm interested if this tech has already been knocked together. If not, maybe I could have a go at it. But obviously I do not want to reinvent any wheels. Any feedback most welcome. Martin X
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