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Found 1 result

  1. I am unable to download any modules though internet connectivity exists and I can view available modules. Upon receiving my LANTurtle I immediately checked for and downloaded updates. This updated my firmware from v1 to v2. I could not download modules (didn't try before updating). Since I could not download modules, I followed instructions on the wiki and reflashed. I am running version 2 as downloaded from downloads.lanturtle.com. I successfully: -Acquire IP Address -SSH to Turtle -Change Password -Update Turtle from within turtle shell -Connect and view list of available modules -Successfully reflash with latest firmware (though issues persist) I cannot: -Download Modules I navigate to modules > modulemanager > configure > directory > yes > [select any module (all are displayed)] == message "installed modules:" ...no modules are installed -Start the ModuleManager Service (maybe doesn't matter?) ​Selecting modules > modulemanager > start == screen indicating press OK or CTRL+C to exit...service does not start Changing bootup status to "enabled" does not start the manager, even after performing above and/or rebooting accessing lower-level shell and entering #start modulemanager provides a message "commands will be executed using /bin/sh" and a job is created, though modulemanager still does not run I feel like this may be a firmware issue but cannot prove it since others have their turtles working on v2. I have a friend who received a turtle in same general time and did not update to v2. He is able to download and run modules without any problems. Could an official download be made available of the old v1 of the firmware as a potential temporary fix/troubleshooting step? Please advise, and thank you in advance for your help,
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