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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I want to use my 8GB USB stick as a multiboot USB which can boot into useful tools like ophcrack and kali. I have seen that Hak5 have many videos on this topic including Multipassing usb's, Katana and such. Some of these are as old as 2006. I am interested in using Katana, but I would like the most up to date USB toolkit, from 2014/15. If you need any more info, ask. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I did not see a thread pertaining specifically to the distros or for that matter OS's that we use. The last time I hands on used linux was in 2000 in a business environment. I basically bluffed my way into the position as the owner was riding the Hype train for red hat. He didn't even know how to use it but wanted it as part of his infrastructure. I was a 16 yo drop out who basically said fuck yeah I'll try and make it do something for $350 a week LOL. After that, I did not actually have much of a thing for linux, I appreciated its Efficiency but it came with alot of shit I just did not need installed or even available to me. And how the #! do you install an application lol. I could not understand why we could not just have installers like a damn windows box. I mean talk about shell elitism "real men use command line" . Anyway, I have been watching and learning quietly in the background, since have played with fedora and open SUSE, and Debian naturally, but the question begs.. I am seeing alot of very polished looking distros now that are minimalist in nature and so forth with the likes of Elementary OS and CrunchBang standing out for me. I simply ask, Is there any real core function one is missing out on by using one of these distros as opposed to installing for example, vanilla Debian if you will ? Or is as simple as "Here I'm Debian, Ubuntu whatever full-blown with everything installed use me" or "Hi im #! not much on me but you can add what you like im still Debian at my core" ??? Kind regards, Sinn3rman.
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