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Found 2 results

  1. Has anyone seen the first episode of the new series of black mirror (Space Fleet) watched it last night, was pretty good all in all, for some reason it reminds me slightly of star trek lol
  2. Not exactly a hacking question but I figured some of you guys might have had some first-hand experience with this tool. I'm asking because almost everything I've read about this triggers my pseudoscience alarm bells, but someone I work with who is in all other respects very smart and well educated is insisting that it's everything the sales pitch claims. Honestly, my gut feeling is that Steve Gibson is the techie equivalent of a cult leader, and if I could find any kind of corroboration for this damning dissection of his work, I'd be ready to dismiss SpinRite and associated products completely. Bonus question: does SecurityNow fall under the same heading? Or does that have some separate worth of its own?
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