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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I had an idea for a sort of cross platform attack. It is based around OS detection via the user agent in a browser. The attached file is a simple python webserver using flask to detect the user agent and serve the payload according to the targets user agent. This is only a PoC, nothing finalized at all but I think an interesting idea to play with. This could probably be deployed with the bash bunny as well. The idea is to run this duckyscript: DELAY 1000 ALT F2 DELAY 50 GUI SPACE GUI r DELAY 50 BACKSPACE DELAY 100 STRING ENTER This opens up a browser in any major OS, which will in turn download the appropriate payload to be run manually. I'm not good with windows at all, been years since I used it (I'm a total linux nerd) so my powershell payload is probably terrible. I would welcome any and all improvements, ideas, etc. Thanks for reading! - sub0 autopwn.py
  2. Would it be possible with a hybrid Intel/Nvidia GTX870M video card to have Linux isolated to the Intel video card and Windows use the Nvidia card...one the same monitor? I've seen a similar setup with a the Nvidia going to a external monitor using PCI passthrough in the VM (GTX870M seems to allow passthrough if it's tricked that it's not a virtual OS) The idea would let switching to the VM on a seperate workspace for games and also play with linux on the other workspace, also if 8.1 gets infected, I can load a snapshot vs. lossing my entire laptop; and help protect the BIOS and hardrive. Specs: MSI GT70 2PC VT-d enabled I7-4800 32 GB Ram KVM with Virtual Machine Manager Nividia GeForce GTX870M 3gb vram
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