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Found 4 results

  1. I had one of the original Wifi Pineapples, and remember using the wp6.sh script for connection sharing. When I attempted to run the wp6.sh script on my Mac, I was greeted with iproute2 is required. What is the preferred method for connecting the WiFi Pineapple to a Mac a forwarding traffic through it? Thank you.
  2. Hello guys, First of all I want to say hi as I'm new to forum and WP. I also want to mention that I looked for the help in other topics but unfortunately was unable to overcome my issue. I have a problem with connection sharing (I have access to internet, however nano does not - impossible to load bulletins). I used the script and it worked the first time. After I left nano scanning for a few minutes the connection was gone. Client mode works fine. Using the script again did not help. Adding new default routes to Kali did not help. Factory rested did't as well. I don't know how to resolve this... My system info: Kali Rolling edition (not vm) nano: v 2.5.2 script: wp6.sh route on kali outputs: Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface default _gateway UG 600 0 0 wlan0 U 600 0 0 wlan0 U 100 . 0 0 wlan0 ip route: default via dev wlan0 proto dhcp metric 600 dev wlan0 proto kernel scope link src metric 600 dev eth1 proto kernel scope link src metric 100 Wp6.sh configuration: Saved Settings: Share Internet connection from wlan0 to WiFi Pineapple at eth1 through default gateway (nano is indeed on eth1) ifconfig on eth1: flags=4163<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 inet netmask broadcast (...) also from management page: Networking tab > route Kernel IP routing table Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface default UG 0 0 0 br-lan * U 0 0 0 br-lan "upadte route" shows in grey: Please help me deal with this... and sorry if something's stupid happening, I'm still a learner. let me know if more data is needed. Thanks!
  3. So I watched the set up vid and didn't pick up on the fact that I needed to intervene with the driver. Whoopise. Went through set up and then ran into connection issue with trying to share the internet connection. Drivers sorted and setup worked out I noticed that the pineapple when looking at ifconfig appears to be designating itself with an enx01c0ca8fb0d7 which to me appears to be a MAC address at the tail end vs. another ETH port. If I were to guess this might be why ICS doesn't work there is no other valid ETH port in the mix. I stumbled upon this when trying to pull down modules. Any ideas on how to modify this? I also thought maybe this might have been related to a botched firmware upgrade, however other areas appear to work at the instructions for manually upgrading again assume that you can attach to the an ETH port. I have attempted to run through setting up an IP manually on the above as a designated port, but then you cannot connect to that using a browser. I've also looked up all the other things that people have tried, but none of those work and that's why I started thinking this might be the root cause. I just got this yesterday. Thanks in advance for any feedback
  4. I'm trying to get my Pineapple connected to the internet so I can update it/add infusions/etc... I couldn't get connection sharing on my Mac to work, so I started my Kali VM and connected the USB ethernet to that. Everything works fine and within the Linux VM I can access both the internet and the Pineapple. I ssh into the Pineapple and from there I can ping google, which indicates to me that the connection is being shared. But when I click on the button to show the internet IP in the Networking box of the control panel, it shows an error. When I try to check for updates/infusions, it shows an error. Any ideas?
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