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Found 7 results

  1. I have managed to make screencrab take screenshots succfully, but cant get it to connect to the wifi/C2 server. I've tried many forms of the config.txt file in order for it to work (of course, Iv'e also placed the device.config in the SD root). can anybody please upload a sample of config.txt file including a pseudo ssid and password?
  2. Hi everybody, I bought my LAN Turtle and i have a problem in configuration of Quicreds and Responder. QuickCreds not working, leds blink, but /root/loot/ 1, 2, 3 are definitely empty. So i just tried to manually start Quickcreds from Turtle GUI and i can see this error : Stopping DHCP Detect Blink Script Terminated LED will blink rapidly while QuickCreds is running. LED will light solid upon NTLM hash capture. If starting this module from Turtle Shell menu, press CTRL+C to return. ln: /etc/turtle/Responder/logs: No sych file or directory I upgraded manually "turtle.bin" (with success), but this problem is always here. Have you any suggestion ?
  3. I installed Kali on my new laptop. There's an issue when it boots. Everything works fine except when it boots Kali doesn't find a display to use. I think it's an issue where by default the system uses both displays (The regular laptop screen and the HDMI output). In some cases you can fix issues like this in the BIOS by setting the default display device. My BIOS doesn't have that option. So what I think is going on is that since there isn't a display set Kali doesn't know which of the two to use and it just black screens. I think that's the issue. Not totally sure though. It sounds legit though. KEK. If I boot into recover mode I get a shell. Can I fix the issue from here? Is there a boot parameter I can feed it for the display? Is there a config I can edit. Can I edit the config file then live build the thing so it works without hassle? What's the best way to fix something like this?
  4. I'm trying to set up a VPN tunnel for all traffic connected to the Pineapple in client mode, with the tunnel endpoint being my Ubuntu VPS out in the cloud. The goal here is to provide internet access to all clients connected to the Pineapple, while enabling more powerful MitM attacks like Metasploit using my VPS. I've installed OpenVPN on both my server and Pineapple and set up their respective keys, but I am at a loss now as to the proper configuration. Tun? Tap? Br0? lo? Should I be using tap0 or tun0 for each side of the tunnel? (And how does it hook into the pineapple's traffic?) Could someone kindly sketch out the ideal configs for this kind of setup? In an earlier post, Sebkinne referred a user to this "howto", which specifies the client [=pineapple] as tap0. Forgive my ignorance, but don't you want to make the OpenVPN client side [=pineapple] "tun0" and the OpenVPN tunnel's endpoint on the ubuntu server "tap0"? (Which in turn redirects internet traffic to its internet-facing eth0 interface?) I'm lost. In advance, thank very much for any help you can offer.
  5. How are my fellow freaks/geeks doing this FINE Michigan morning. I have Googled the crap out of proper configuration of SQL ninja. I have seen many pages; yet they are vague and far from being :concise:. I know I can understand most of you on these forums... but I am just seeing red and, apparently the little I did know from SQL Server 2008 is proving useless. I find myself in an constant loop of the same walkthrough. Hopefully, someone here at Hak5 knows what the hell they are doing while configuring this .conf. If someone could help in an innocous way; It'd be appreciated. SCOPE: configuring SQLNINJA whilst the other 'guys' just repeat from the forum I first perused. Thanks ahead of time...
  6. I am compiling Kernel for OpenWRT to include additional C code. I started with the Pineapple factory image and would like to use it as a baseline. However, I cannot find the .config file for the build in any of the documentation or code. Can you please direct me to where I can find the .Config file? Any help would be a great time saver. Cheers.
  7. Long story short, I messed up the /etc/config/wireless file and now the USB light on the router blinks very rapidly and the iwconfig command spits out: I definitely screwed something up, help would be greatly appreciated and possibly an output of someone's working /etc/config/wireless file? Thanks!
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