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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I tryied to watch a video off the "Tech Roady" youtube channel on one of Hak5 products, and when I pressed the video my avast antivirus showed the following message: What is going on here? If it is actually an intended virus, how is it possible to do that through youtube? When I opened it again, this time by pasting the link, the video started playing while displaying only the video, and the antivirus stopped the virus again. This is the link of the video I tryied to watch. DO NOT open without protection: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaD-5_ubPRc XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  2. Could not find a way to change region to allow non-US channels past 11. Could anyone please advise on how that can be done to use in the U.K./Europe? I remember seeing an option to choose country at setup but assumed that can be adjusted later as needed. thanks
  3. Hi, I've written a script in python to sniff packets on an MR-3020 running OpenWRT. Since there is only one radio I hop through channels 1 - 11 and then every 10 minutes get out of monitor mode, connect to the internet, and send the data up to my server. I can see lots of packets in the area, but when I filter for probe requests the amount of activity becomes MUCH more sparse. Every now and then I'll pick something up, but I'm sitting here with like 5 phones, an iPad, Sonos, a couple computers, etc. and would think that I should be picking up a probe request every couple seconds / minutes. I'm wondering if I'm jumping channels or calling the sniff method too fast or slow and I'm just missing them all? Is there something else that I may be doing wrong? Thanks in advance! class Main(): while run: logger.debug("Starting Sensor Run Loop.") sniffer.stop() hopper.stop() time.sleep(2) execute_command("wifi up") time.sleep(10) logger.debug("Do Internet Things.") try: logger.debug("Calling Saver.") Saver.save() logger.debug("Done with Saver.") except e: logger.error("There was a different error: %r" % e) pass start_monitor_mode() time.sleep(2) hopper_thread = Thread(target=hopper.start, name="hopper_thread") hopper_thread.start() sniffer_thread = Thread(target=sniffer.start, name="sniffer_thread") sniffer_thread.start() time.sleep(60*10) class Sniffer(Thread): def start(self): self.run = True logger.info("Starting Sniffer Loop.") while self.run: try: sniff(iface=self.monitor, prn=self.process_packet, timeout=1) logger.debug("Sniffing") except: e = sys.exc_info()[0] logger.error(e) time.sleep(2) def process_packet(self, pkt): logger.debug(str(pkt.addr2)) if pkt.haslayer(Dot11ProbeReq): PacketQueue.add_packet(self._process_probe_request(pkt)) class Hopper(Thread): def start(self): logger.info("Starting Hopper Loop.") self.run = True max_channel = 11 while self.run: try: self.channel += 1 if self.channel > max_channel: self.channel = 1 self.execute_command('iw ' + self.monitor + ' set self.channel ' + str(self.channel)) logger.debug("Channel: " + str(self.channel)) time.sleep(1) except: e = sys.exc_info()[0] logger.error(e)
  4. After watching a couple videos of using the aircrack-ng suite covered in both Ubuntu 12.04 and BackTrack 5R3, I was intrigued to try this on my own network. I have installed the most recent application and got to work. First Terminal: airmon-ng start wlan0 airodump-ng mon0 airdump-ng "My Network" --write file (started capturing) Second Terminal: aireplay-ng -0 3 -c -a mon0 (error occurs here) Waiting for beacon frame (BSSID) on channel -1 mon0 is on channel -1, but the AP uses channel 11 I've tried to look up solutions, and one was to patch the compat-wireless driver. I did so, and still get this result. I've read that I need to start both airmon-ng and airodump-ng with specific channel associations, 11. I do this and still nothing. While I am airodumping, the terminal lines running state my channel is fixed to -1. CH 11 ][ fixed channel mon0: -1 I like to use Ubuntu for this rather than BT5R3 because its a little better in my opinion, but I get the exact same issue using it. Either way, if there is some solution, it would be much appreciated. Asus K53E Intel i5 Processor 8GB Ram, 500GB HDD AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter Ubuntu 12.04 & Windows 8
  5. joechat

    Asus N56U

    Hypothetically speaking... If I were going to move to Japan and bring my Asus N56u router.... How would I get the Japanese firmware to enable other channels? Would I need a new router? I've searched their site and I found something that was a "source" file but I can't open it. Thanks for any help in advance.
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