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Found 5 results

  1. I have a portal page and it asks for the client creds After the $_post, the client creds are logged in a txt file, pineapple notified... the client gets kicked, deauthed and hopefully get blocked, hopefully !!! to block the client, I would like to add the $mac to the mac_blacklist in the pineapple.db and for that I would like to know if it is doable. so, how many times or when does the Nano or Tetra reads the pineapple.db ??? at boot, when the client connect or when I open some module Thanks in advance
  2. What are some recommended resources for IP blocklists? I just want to block pretty much everyone. The government, big companies, botnets, hackers, etc. Do you have your own blocklist you would like to share?
  3. I can not add mac addresses to the Karma client blacklist. After I enter the mac address and select add, I am prompted "MAC added to list", but no mac addresses appear in the view list. I had same issue with firmware 1.1 and had hoped an upgrade flash to 1.2 would fix but it did not. The SSID blacklist, however, does work. Any suggestions, ideas or thoughts?
  4. I have the latest firmware installed to a MkV and am running Karma MK5 together with TCPDUMP 1.3 I also have a MAC laptop that I use as my main machine and I dont ever want that connecting to the Pineapple so I added the MAC address of the Wireless card into the Pineapple GUI but I still seem to get connected to the "fake SSID's" given out by the Pineapple which are in the 'remembered WIFI list'. I have confirmed that when connected to one of these SSID's my laptop DNS is set to the IP's that I would expect when routed through the Pineapple. I see from a previous answer that the Blacklists are stored in RAM so we would then have to add them every time and that in the future this will change, great, BUT, even when I try and add either a MAC address for my personal laptop (which I never want to connect through the pineapple) or a SSID that I want excluded from Karma, I cannot seem to stop the Laptop (Mavericks 10.9) seeing the fake SSID's that I excluded in the blackist, it also connects to said fake SSID without the lock symbol (so I know its not the real one !). Please help because currently this means when Karma is turned on I cannot use any personal WIFI device without it going through the Pineapple. Maybe I am doing it in the wrong order, ie do I blacklist them before I start karma or afterwards ? Neither seems to work but has anyone else get this to sucessfully blacklist a MAC or SSID ? Thanks in advance (post from Developer) WiFi Pineapple Developer Posted 13 November 2013 - 11:41 PM At the moment they are kept in RAM, not flash. Our next iteration of karma actually has a lot more when it comes to usability and versatility. Stay tuned.
  5. The instructions in the manual are straight forward (RTFM), however what is the format for the MAC address when you enter it as a Client Blacklist? With the colons, dashes or none? And is there another way to list them via SSH, etc.?
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