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Found 6 results

  1. I have a long range antennae with RTL8187. I always connect to a certain wep for the past year and all of a sudden it won't stay connected. I see it in my available networks and also have it saved in profile. I noticed that most of my networks drop down to 1 mbps and are not the same as they were last year. What is causing this and can i add or change something in order to remedy this issue? Thanks
  2. Hey! Im new here! i was searching for a website where i can ask questions about backtrack , i found this !!!! Im also new to backtrack .. I saw some tutorials avout HOW TO HACK FB WITH BACKTRACK! i done the same as shown but when i tested the ip generated on other pc , i get to know that WEBPAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE!!! Please Help!! & im getting as inet-ip When I open this in same pc it works! but not in other !!! !!!!!!!
  3. How can I make "BT5r3 64bit" HOST (not VM) create a network interface for USB wi-fi adapter? "BT5r3 64bit GNOME" HOST won't create a network interface for USB wireless adapter, but "BT5r3 64bit GNOME" VM creates a network interface such as wlan0. Hello folks, I had installed "Backtrack 5 R3 64bit GNOME" in an External USB HDD. BT5r3 "automatically" recognizes the built-in wireless/wired card and show its network interface as wlan0/eth0 respectively. It also detects the USB wireless adapter via "lsusb" command, but it doesn't create a network interface such as wlan1. "lsusb" command shows: -------------- Atheros Communications, Inc. AR9271 802.11n The USB wireless adapter is supported by the preloaded drivers of BT5r3 because... When I install "BT5r3 64bit GNOME" in a VM, it "automatically" detects my USB wireless adapter, so it creates a network interface as "wlan0". I had tried different ways that I had found in the internet but it doesn't seem to work for me. Some of the things that I've done so far: - at first I install driver ath9k_htc, do lsmod, modprobe, reboot PC etc... - didn't work for me - install also ndiswrapper... - didn't work either - airmon-ng ONLY shows the built-in wifi, NOT the USB wi-fi adapter. The built-in wi-fi is named "wlan0" by the HOST: Interface Chipset Driver wlan0 Atheros ath9k - [phy0] - I already upgraded BT5r3... - didn't work - in the end I found out that THERE IS NO NEED for the USB wi-fi driver installation because "BT5r3 in VM" automatically detects USB wi-fi adapter and creates an interface as wlan0. - meaning to say that upon installation of BT5r3, BT5r3 has the driver for this type of hardware USB wi-fi adapter. - I modify the file in the HOST /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules - I used the same file in the VM that has the USB wireless info, then replace the HOST file - also try to renamed the HOST file built-in wi-fi "wlan0" to "wlan1", still no interface for USB wi-fi - let's say as wlan0 (I'm hoping that after rebooting, the HOST will create another interface for USB wireless adapter) - I also try to erase this HOST file then reboot PC, hoping that the new file that it will create has additional interface such as wlan1. How can I make my HOST "BT5r3 64bit GNOME" creates a network interface for my USB wirelesss adapter? Thanks. :)
  4. Hey everyone! Ok so (Without writting a novel here...) Here's the story: I had one of my buddies Screen Share Via iChat onto my iMac to check out some of my IPv6 settings and port forwarding (first time with Century Link and their hardware) for some VNC. This is a buddy I trust really well. I had disappeared from my workstation (I know, first mistake) and let him carry on. Well, when I returned I saw he had remotely transfered Conan the Librarian (for those who don't know, it's a background process that has the mic on 24/7 and will have Arnold Schwartz. scream "shut up" at you till you kill the process). With that having been said, I seek (friendly) revenge on his iMac in return. I'm wanting to either do a Metasploit payload or SSH into his machine and do Terminal commands galore, and lock his audio and use the "Say" command (just an example). My issue: get his IP fully without asking. Not a big issue usually except he's running a few levels of OpenDNS and running though Time Warner Co. (if that matters). My question is does anyone have/recommend ways I can get his iMac's external IP address , preferably without him finding out I'm doing such?
  5. I followed int0x80's walkthrough on how to encrypt your whole disk using a key on a USB drive, and everything went well, up until booting. When I boot, it goes through the regular processes, then drops me into busybox. After entering my key(Which unlocks just fine), it starts to finish booting, and then hangs after: Begin: Running /scripts/init-bottom ... Done I've let it sit there for 30 minutes or so, and still nothing but a flashing cursor. I've searched the googles and none of the solutions presented for this issue worked. I then tried to search using the aforementioned things, plus the model of my laptop(HP Mini 1030NR) and still nothing. Does anybody have any ideas? For what it's worth, Backtrack, if installed normally, boots and runs just fine, it's something with the encryption.
  6. Hey All! Ok so I just got my 20dBi Yagi in (YAY! Oh I have big plans for this Yagi: Pinnaple Mark IV is in my future) and I'm an Airodump-ng mon0 user. I'm curious to know if there is a more visual scope to use to pinpoint a wifi location (Pretty much figure out via the scope the general area where the router is). I'm using Backtrack 5 R2. Any thoughts or ideas?
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