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Found 3 results

  1. i have a 50 dollar and want to spend it on a good receiver i know that i should prefere atheros chipset but the nha don't have good support on windows 10
  2. Hi all, i have a few questions relating to karma/jaseger. The first is what is the actual name, karma or jasager lol is it both? #iamanoob. Secondly i was trying to see if i could get my ALFA awus036h to work with karma as i am in Bolivia :) and it can output 1w, but after further reading i have came the the conclusion that karma/jasager will only worth with atheros chipsets and prisim chipsets? so as the awus036h has a realtek chipset does this mean that karma/jasager will not work with it, period? So this bring's me on to my other question, can any of the 2w (AWUS036NHA & AWUS036NH) cards be used with karma, i have seen some threads here and there on the forums with limited success but it looks complicated (for me anyway) to implement, i also read that soon it would be implemented into the next fw release (meaning the ability to choose which device karma uses). Has it been implemented yet? The reason i want to know all this is i just dont want to rush out and but the hardware without knowing for sure! And finally my next question is the internal atheros wifi in the mkiv, can the tv power be modified like the alfa cards? seen a thread about it but can't find it now. Is there a max power output? Thank's For reading. - Anton
  3. I'm not too sure if this should be reported as a bug or not, but I decided to put it in the forum, and if necessary Sebkinne or others can move it. Although this is not a serious problem for me, it would be great if this was an easy fix:) So the thing is that when the Pineapple (2.6.3, and prev) is booted with the Awus036h connected the wlan interfaces get switched. Meaning that the internal wlan interface becomes wlan1. I think this might be related to http://forums.hak5.o...-usb-wlan-boot/ which states that 2.6.3+ should be fixed(at least regarding Ralink RT2501. I'm posting some images to show my findings, and posting logs if needed. This is a fresh booted pineapple, and the awus036h is connected after boot The pineapple is booted with the awus036h inserted. Also the status page says that the internal wifi is not up, although that's what I'm connected via when reporting this. As a sidenote the Network Manager module is not able to bring up the device, Auto-detect or not. I have to ssh in to the Pineapple and issue ifconfig wlan1 up.
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