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Found 4 results

  1. this is a project i am starting using the old palm treos as a possible hid hacker much like the ipod slurper and usb rubber ducky.
  2. I've never hacked a phone before but with all the buzz about Android lately I figure I should at least try it out. I was looking through available metasploit payloads and there are some shells and meterpreters already available but not really a whole lot of encoding options for ARM based payloads. As far as signatures for go I think I could pretty much change up all of the names of variables and functions names within a given program to random strings. Like pipe them through openssl or truncate the output and use the truncated hash random(random(hash)) and it would come out different for signature. Different checksums and whatnot. I don't have an ARM based computer. Well I ordered an Orange pi plus few days ago. I was going to use it as a file server or run an NES emulator on it. So question: Is there an automated way to create an obfuscated ARM payload and. Do I have to compile it on an ARM processor or can I compile ARM on my core i7. Any I'm thinking if I have the ARM binary I can just objdump it to the desired architecture and use the ASM right? Am I getting ahead of myself here? Who hacks themselves some droids?
  3. I just got an old blackberry 9000 from a yard sell to tinker with and I was wondering how would I go about installing a linux distro( non graphical & maybe even kali would be nice) so that I can use it like a wifi pineapple. As far as sending commands to it and setting it up it would be nice to be able to do it through an ssh conncection, but my main question is which distro, and how to install it? If you don't know, I am also having a little difficulty finding the system specs (such as which ARM version and such) so if you can find good list of the specs I would greatly apreciate it. Also, if the binary based os's won't work would something like Gentoo be a possiblity (though I can't imagine how long it would take to compile on a cell phone ..... it took for ever on my ancient Mac Powerbook). Thanks :)
  4. Hello, i have been looking into expanding my microprocessor and electronics knowledge. I dont have 100 € to drop on a arduino starter kit, so i looked around and found a resonable substitute the MSP430 launchpad it has a 16bit microprocessor and with just 5$ you have one programmable button and one programmable led its great for starters, but you can also expand i dont know what ports it has. I just posted this because i think it is really great for people who want to get into microprocessors and hardware and not pay that much. And also it didnt have any mentions on this forum yet. Here you can find some of the documentacion that i found the best for my case. MSP430 official wiki. A great tutorial if you are starting like me MSP430 Official page ARM Version of the Launchpad 13$
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