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Found 4 results

  1. How does one get the USB Rubber Ducky to mimic ALT PAUSE b, all pressed at the same time? Seems like right now it can only mimic one other key or char with ALT.
  2. Hello, When i try to make the duck close a window using ALT f the window stays open. All the examples I have seen use ALT f and I even tried ALT f4 just on a whim but no luck. Is anyone able to help? Not sure if it is a firmware bug or something like that. Lukie
  3. Hi all Trying to use my brand new (first time user) USB Ruber Ducky and can't get it to work. This is the script I'm trying: DELAY 15000 ESCAPE CONTROL ESCAPE DELAY 400 STRING cmd DELAY 400 MENU DELAY 400 STRING a DELAY 600 ENTER LEFTARROW ENTER Everyting runs smooth until my LEFTARROW, I've tried to use ALT Y insted (and ALT J for swedish windows) Nothing works, the Yes button doesn't get selected and the script stops right there :-( What noob mistake have i done? It's a windows7, swedish keyboard, english version of windows
  4. Hi, Today I recieved my Rubberducky. While I was waiting for it to arrive I thought up some nice pranks. One is a MS Word version of the Lock Your Computer Message. I started working on it immediately. But.... Everything in the script works accept the ALT key. When the ALT+n command is given it produces a Ñ in the Word document. It should be pressing ALT+N to get some options on the ribbonbar. I even tried creating a small scritp opening a notepad and closing it with ALT+F4 but there the ALT key also does not work. I am running on Win 7 and tried it on XP and Ubuntu. In Ubuntu I ran the script in Gedit to see what the output was and it also produced a Ñ. The encoding of the script I tried was done with Gedit and Java on Ubuntu Notepad++ on windows7 and http://www.iducke.com Notepad++ and Java on Windows 7 notepad and http://www.iducke.com Everything gives me the same stupid Ñ . And not the wanted options on the ribbon bar. I am trying to add an image with an url. It works perfect when I type it myself in Word. My keyboard setting is US international and I even tried US. Same problem. Does anyone know a solution to my problem. It would give me a lot of more fun for some scripts when the ALT key would work. Thanks. Here is the script I use. DELAY 2000 GUI r DELAY 500 STRING winword ENTER DELAY 2000 STRING Blablablablablablabla ENTER STRING Blablablablablablabla ENTER ENTER DELAY 500 ALT n DELAY 500 STRING p DELAY 500 STRING http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ofvP1DGFrbU/T9C6s6ZFECI/AAAAAAAAF2o/dGM3UIzR29w/s320/pie4.gif ENTER DELAY 2000 CTRL p [/CODE]
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