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Found 4 results

  1. Whenever I go into the Network tab and try to set a new MAC or Set Random MAC the radio that I try to change shuts off and becomes unusable. I have waited for them to become usable for up to 5 hours with no success, it doesn't matter if I do just one at a time or all of them, and doesn't matter how patient I am. And once this happens they are permanently unusable unless I preform a factory reset, which I've done several times. And I've also performed one Firmware Recovery, to no avail. Any ideas of what I can do?
  2. Hey guys, Sorry if this seems like an obvious question, but when I open whatsmyip.org, or Google, or iplocation.net, I am given an IP address that I am then scanning with nmap (just using -sn at the moment, no full scanning) I was expecting to see my router and the connected MACs (my laptop, phone, etc.), however I actually get an address. Something along the lines of virginmedia.blabla instead of my internet router. If I run nmap -sn against this IP, it shows only 1 host and nothing else, and it doesn't look like the host is my internet router. This makes me believe that the IP address these sites are giving me is actually 1 step away from my router, and not my actual IP address. How would I get my proper IP address, with which I could scan it with nmap? Please note that I am aware that I can scan my own system using, but I am not looking to do this. I was trying to scan my network using it's external IP and a laptop not connected to my LAN. I'm preparing for the CEH exam and scanning 192.168 doesn't give me the experience that I want. Thanks.
  3. So I am trying to figure out a way to somehow change my Mac Address on my ipod 4 (it is jailbroken) and ive tried a few things in terminal but overall no luck and as far as I can see no one else has any Proof that they can change their mac address either. Can anyone help? Thanks
  4. Greetings! Just curious, but does anybody know if it's possible to determine a changed router's local IP address? Meaning the default IP address, of say 192.XXX.XXX, was changed to a completely different value; And, attempting to enter the router's default IP will no longer be possible. Already tried ipconfig /all on cmd, it simply yielded the router's default IP. Sadfrog. Any ideas would be great. Thanks! ;)​
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