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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I want to attach a yagi antenna on the TETRA to increase range for wlan1 in client mode. I do not want to make a mistake. Is it correct to replace just one antenna on the right with the yagi antenna? Why would the TETRA take damage if I deattach one of the antennas as it is stated here: Thank you.
  2. I want to build a yagi antenna but I'm confused with the elements. Please tell me what kind of metals to use... Thanks in advance
  3. Are there any cases or bags sold that can hold various Hak5 equipment like the pineapple, yagi, their cables and antennas and future equipment? Thanks
  4. Hi all, i was given a 'Long Range WiFi Holiday Bundle' for Christmas by a relative, from the Hak5 shop. I was mostly just after a new adapter with the Ralink chipset, but since this bundle came with the Yagi antenna, i'm keen to try it out. However, the bundle didn't appear to come with an adapter that will allow me to connect the antenna to the wireless adapter, as both ends are male, and the single adapter that came with the bundle also has both ends male.. Was this adapter supposed to be female on both ends? Because that is the only way that i can see it allowing me to connect the Yagi, and currently it seems like the adapter with both it's male ends doesn't allow me to connect anything in the bundle that doesn't already connect with it's own connection, so i'm not sure what i would actually use this adapter for... Thanks for any help you guys can give me
  5. I recently received a Yagi antenna that I had purchased from the Hak Shop. Now I'm trying to figure out what I need to connect it to my alfa awus036h. I've attached a couple photos showing the yagi and alfa connectors. From the information I could gather from wikipedia, these have SMA Male (Yagi) and RP-SMA Female (Alfa). So to link these together I'd need a SMA Female to RP-SMA Male, correct? Is it common for the AWUS036H to have a RP-SMA Female connector? Just curious, since the connector between the alfa and yagi seems uncommon. Thanks.
  6. I just ordered the Mark V Tactical Bundle, usb rubber ducky exfiltrator (not important for this post). They are on the way. I have a yagi antenna that I purchased from ebay. Can I scan and connect/monitor networks from 100 meters away just using the yagi and the mark v? or will I need to get an Alfa AWUS036H as well? sorry for the excited n00b question before my order even ships! thanks for any responses! edit ~ os is kali installed to hd on macbook pro
  7. I just thought I'd share a few things in the WiFi gear realm that others may benefit from. I use the Pineapple for testing and also use BackTrack but not always at the same time. You're all probably aware of the Alfa AWUS usb devices that are great as an additional wlan for your pineapple or your BackTrack machine. But what about antennas and signal boosters? I've had some trial and errors when it comes to signal boosters especially when you're dealing with an Alfa that's been iw reg set to a higer transmit power. The cheap ones tend to burn out but I've had great luck with the Hawking HSB2. http://www.amazon.com/Hawking-HSB2-HiGain-Signal-Booster/dp/B0009MYSHU It's got a high pitch whine to it but with a few longer cables you can get it away from you and your machine. Don't forget when purchasing any gear make sure you know what cable connectors it comes with. Getting that sweet antenna turns bitter when it show up with an N type female connector and you have to wait for an RP-SMA adapter... As for antenna's I've picked up a few Yagi versions. This type has probably the best results of the yagis.... http://www.amazon.com/Brands-Wireless-2-4GHz-Antenna-Booster/dp/B0054MLMLA/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1364224241&sr=1-2&keywords=yagi+wifi+antenna But, I just picked up a type that I've had the absolute best results from.... It's called a Backfire antenna... http://www.radiolabs.com/products/antennas/2.4gig/backfire.php Just got it last Friday and I must say it's pretty amazing, it brings in more local signals than any of the others so far. It's really well made, it's relatively small and not cheap feeling at all. And as the webpage says it supports 2.4 to 2.5 which is pretty important. I made the mistake of picking up a yagi that doesn't support the full range 2.4-2.485. Which works well for 802.11b/g but not the lower end of 802.11n. I use an old camera tripod with a nut that matches the thread of the camera mount screw. Works great for stable pointing and you can switch out antennas with ease if you need to. What gear do you find useful?
  8. Hey All! Ok so I just got my 20dBi Yagi in (YAY! Oh I have big plans for this Yagi: Pinnaple Mark IV is in my future) and I'm an Airodump-ng mon0 user. I'm curious to know if there is a more visual scope to use to pinpoint a wifi location (Pretty much figure out via the scope the general area where the router is). I'm using Backtrack 5 R2. Any thoughts or ideas?
  9. Hello, So far I've used the standard omni antennas that come with the AWUS036H. In the mail are a panel and yagi antenna due to arrive shortly. I understand the principles behind the yagi and how its elements are designed to focus EMF. All over the internet I found reports of huge distance due to this. I have a few questions: - The yagi design makes sense for sending signals long range. However, can it receive long range too? Does its design help to capture signals more effectively? - Adding on to previous question - I know ALFA's can be set to transmit a full 1 watt (or more) for those in Bolivia... Would that be useless because no matter how powerfully it transmits, it is limited by the transmission power of the other device? Is it only helpful is there are two ALFAs both set to 1 watt? I plan to test my new antennas - I live by a mountain and there's a road going up it that keeps line of sight with my house. I plan to put a standard plain (omni antenna) wifi router on my roof. What should I expect? How can I test packet loss and those types of things (I'm still struggling to understand dBm vs RSSI vs other mystical voodoo I don't know yet). Reading references would be appreciated! These things fascinate me and I'm excited to experiment. Thanks!
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