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Found 8 results

  1. There are several kinds of attacks for Wifi Hacking. However, this tutorial about how to hack wifi i was checking. However, later when i tried it with Virtual machine on my windows 10, it didn't actually work. Is it happening because of Virtual Machine! should i install Kali Linux OS to make it fully work!
  2. Lazy


    I wanna know if someone could help me understand how Wifi deauthentiction is implemented in code. I know how to use aircrack-ng and stuff I want to know how to write it myself with let's say a raspberry pi..... I'm interested in how to send Wifi packets and and how would I send a deauth say in python
  3. Hey. I'm having some trouble kicking clients off a certain access point. Everything seems to be working fine, until i launch the aireplay-ng deauth attack, I have double checked the MAC addresses, of both the AP and client. I tried changing the channel manually when I set up airmon-ng wlan0 'channel' to match the AP but it doesn't seem to help. Commands i use: Sudo ifconfig wlan0 down sudo airmon-ng start wlan0 sudo airodump-ng mon0 sudo aireplay -0 0 -a 'MAC of access point' -c 'MAC of client' mon0 It replies: "Waiting for beacon frame (BSSID:
  4. Look at the video. Video Here I am unable to carry out wps attack and unable to deauthenticate the connected as well.
  5. Hey ya'll, am new here just wanted to share this awesome video with those that are into WiFi hacking. If you ever got to that stage with reaver that says "ap rate limiting detected " and when you use wash you see stuff like wps locked - yes. Then this tool is right for you. Can't say much now just watch the video and learn, any questions? Comment below. Or on my YouTube channel. Please note: I am not the author of the script and please use this on a router that you have permission to. In the video description you'll find download links and author links. Please like share and sub
  6. Could someone please explain this? I don't get why the names of the networks will all show up but not the MAC addresses. And why can't I scroll through kismet individually as opposed to the whole linux command line.
  7. I think this is a completely different subject from the previous thread, so forgive me is this is double posting. I found this program called auto-reaver for backtrack: https://code.google.com/p/auto-reaver/ I edited it, changing the mon0 to wlan0mon in one of the scripts, titled "wash". I'm trying to edit it to work with kali 2.0. I did what one of the guys in this thread did: https://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?19641-Reaver-WPS-Locked-Situation-and-Useful-Link/page4 And I quote: I know how to do the first part of that and I did. I did both commands. But I'm lost as to how to chan
  8. Can someone point me to where I an read about specifically what is involved with hacking wifi access using the Pineapple MK IV. I am a net engineer and work daily with WIFI but new to security hacking. Besides the Pineapple, what else would I need? Are there any docs, blogs or forums I might benefit from? Any speific infusions I would need (and/or could reead up on)? Is there possibly a set of step by step instructions around? Thanks.
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