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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I am using asterisk and gotrunk as voip service provider to achieve call spoofing. The 'set CallerID' feature of asterisk is used to modify the callerID and then call is forwarded to voip trunk. But Go Trunk blocked spoofing caller ID feature probably because of scamming. Are there any alternatives that i can use to achieve the same functionality??
  2. How to make free internet calls ? (VoIP) from computer? Anybody knows that?
  3. Hi guys, I plan to install a new in-house PBX, but I'm not secure in my knowledge, so I need some confirmation. I've done some research and I feel an IP PBX would be my primary choice. I run a small trade company that needs 12 telephones (including hardphones and mobile devices as well). We use them for both of internal and external communication. In addtition to the basic PBX features (as well as call routing, conference calling, voicemail, call queuing, etc.) I have some special requirements related to the new phone system: I have only one office, but my employees (especially the sales representatives) are often out-of the office. That's why mobile phones are essentially needed for us. So I'd like to attach mobile devices to our PBX as well. Concerning that my target audience consists of mainly young people (they are mostly 26-35 years old), I'd like to facilitate them to contact us by using any innovative, free, Internet-based communication method. So a chat console and/or a click-to-call webphone would be also appreciated. After checking the possible solutions at Alternativeto.net, I've tried some trial versions and finally it seems that Ozeki Phone systems suits best for my needs. Can anybody tell me if this is a good option for my requirements? Is there any other option I should look at? Because I'm always searching for the best, I tend to be a little (that is very) insecure, so I'd like to hear other people's opinion about the issue. A little review of it will be a great help for me! (Is it stable, trustworthy, etc...?) I’m looking forward to your opinion here or even in e-mail (just.me.warner@gmail.com)! Thanks a lot in advance! Regards, Justin
  4. I prepared this payload for a kind of a social engineering test. It basically changes the idle text of the SIP phone to whatever you want. The payload may not work in the older firmware versions of 1140e. //idle text has a limit of 24 chars max. REM This payload changes the idle screen text REM of the Nortel/Avaya 1140E SIP phone DELAY 1000 ESC DELAY 150 CTRL F4 DELAY 150 CTRL F4 DELAY 150 CTRL F2 DELAY 200 STRING 1 DELAY 200 STRING 2 DELAY 200 BACKSPACE REPEAT 24 DELAY 300 REM Some delay between words. Phone isn't as fast as rubber ducky STRING You DELAY 100 STRING are DELAY 100 STRING in DELAY 100 STRING trouble DELAY 250 CTRL F1 DELAY 150 ESC I believe similar payloads can be written for the Cisco phones.
  5. I know this is basic, but I'm drawing a blank, please help me out. When I call a cell phone from VOIP and hold the cell near the comp there's some sort of feedback noise that occurs in a frequent rhythm (the noise comes and goes every second or so). Is this an example of some kind of recursive process / feedback loop? By the way, I was using Skype for this experiment but I kind of hate Skype. I once had a VPS with Cent OS + PBX as an option for the OS and that made me wonder if I can just run my own VOIP service somehow so that I can make calls and maybe even have an associated phone number without having to suck off patronize big brother and get spied on just to have phone service?
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