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  1. For awhile my 8-core processor was up at 30% utilization and my 840 EVO Pro SSD was at 100% utilization by the System process when I was doing absolutely nothing on my computer. I had been trying to figure out this problem for awhile and thought I fixed it on multiple occasions. The first time I realized Windows update was running in the background and downloading a ton of stuff. When I set it to manual it seemed to fix it. The processor fan was what initially caused me to look into the problem because it was screaming like a banshee for what appeared to be no reason so I set it to silent in the BIOS. This calmed the system down for awhile but then a few days ago it started up again. I scoured the performance monitor and turned off a lot of unnecessary processes that automatically start up but it was still screaming and driving me insane. Finally, I looked at this program called VIA XHCI Host Controller that came with the drivers for my MOBO. I did a Google search (which I had done in the past to no avail) and found someone else who had the same exact problem. I uninstalled it and the system instantly calmed down. I tried doing a little research on the program but I couldn't find anything negative about it. Everything simply said it was supposed to make your hard drive perform better or something. The weird thing is I built this computer over a year ago and only recently did I have this problem. If anyone knows what this thing was doing when it was scanning every directory on my computer feel free to respond and enlighten me. I'm just glad that I finally got rid of it and my system is back to normal.
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