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Found 3 results

  1. Hey what's up, so I'm grasping in the dark but we'll if see if it goes. About a year go my daughters mother "parentally kidnapped" our daughter and she's been on the run ever since. I've hired private detectives, tons of money on lawyers but, unless we can serve her with the court documents there's nothing that can be done and she's actively avoiding service. Last I heard she's in New Mexico and it's possible she's back into her old ways of abusing drugs. Now, everyone knows that you can track someone by their cell phone and, I have her cell phone number. What I'm looking for is some help finding a provider who can help me with this. I've gone on all the hacking job boards and posted up...Almost instantly I got responses--oh yeah, we'll track her no problem--$800 bucks--okay, let's use the escrow program--no, You must pay up front with western union----obviously, just some dopes living in Nigeria ripping people off from an internet cafe. I know this can be done..just got be find the right help. Anyways, there it is.
  2. Hi all, I want to make it clear that I am completely uneducated in this matter. I was wondering if it is possible to triangulate a cell phone without being the government, and if so how. I have gathered that you would need some way of measuring the signal strength of a cell phone. How to do this, I do not know. I thought the hak5 would be the right place to ask about this. Thanks for any help! P.S. I also want to make it clear that there is genuinely no nefarious purpose for this project. It seems like a fun weekend project.
  3. Hey All, Just curious, has anyone every tried using three of the mark IVs (or whatever combo of 3) to triangulate an AP? I worked on a project a couple years ago with a little robot that was controlled via wifi, and in the design phase the idea on how to tell the position of the robot was to triangulate it using four routers positioned around the room and to calculate it based on the timing of the signal received at each AP. But it became clear that it would be extremely challenging to calculate it within any degree due to difficulty in syncronizing all four APs timers and precise placement of them (not withholding a laundry list of other technicallities due in part to the distance of each AP to one another). But if the APs were placed in a single enclosure and then the antennas were placed X distance apart from each other, would it be possible to sync them up to be able to triangulate another AP signal? I've seen similar posts in the car computing forums where people were getting together to use police scanners to triangulate police cars and pinpoint them in a GPS mapping program. Never returned to see how far they got with it though...
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