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Found 11 results

  1. Sharkjack.ps1 This is a rewritten (Windows) PowerShell version of Hak5's "sharkjack.sh". Compliments to Hak5 for the Device and the original script. I only take credit for rewriting the script to support Windows. Please Note: SharkLib Options are DISABLED until Hak5 merges SharkLib into the GitHub. If you are having problems getting the file to run. See Post #3. (If you have multiple SharkJacks, type "clearssh" in menu to clear your "known hosts" SSH File of the SharkJack's Fingerprint. Then try to reconnect using SSH via option #5) sharkjack.ps1 # Title:
  2. SharkLib - SharkJack Quick Payload Library This Tool was created less than 24 hours after having a "SharkJack", I realized how much of a pain it is to swap back and forth between prior loaded Payloads. So after 7 hours of debugging, testing, and pulling my hair out. - I give to you "SharkLib". SharkLib allows you to Backup/Restore prior loaded Payloads, via SSH Terminal. No more needing to have to "go deploy another script", you can easily use C2 or any SSH Terminal Service to switch your desired payloads. Features: Installs to Local System to allow ease of access of "Shark
  3. SharkHelper This Tool completes the Hak5 "SharkJack.sh" script. This adds small features that the original Helper Script is missing - While also making it easier to setup/re-setup the SharkJack itself. Linux version to be released soon. Any features or requests are welcome. The Menu: O=====================================O | | | SharkHelper Menu | | | O=====================================O 1. Install SharkLib 2. Remove SharkLib 3. Install Default Nmap Scan 4. Install Internet Tes
  4. Hoi hoi! Could we, er, perhaps have Twisted as a tool to use with the Bunny? Could be fun turning the Bunny into a bunch of different servers. I'm specifically looking at using the Bunny as a DNS server for DNS attacks. But you know, why not use it as a chat server as well. Maybe a mail server too while we're at it. Oh, and there's a web server inbuilt too.. Yea. I wants it. But can't work out how to get it on the Bunny! (Tarball not cutting it, pip errors hard..)
  5. WabbitWeb The ultimate payload-handling tool! Hey guys, I finally got around to uploading my first payload, after many weeks of tinkering with it - trying to get it to work. So, what did I spend hours upon days upon multiple weeks making? This. A tool that focuses mainly on handling payloads. With this tool, you have to know that payloads are referred to as Letters, as the payloads are saved as letters (A, B and C). Target: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Dependencies: Impacket - For SMB server - WabbitWeb will still work without Impacket, but won't start the SMB serve
  6. Hello, I know it will be an ubsurd request because this is a hacking forum :) I'm a developer and I'm making my money by selling a program, but I realized that someone cracked my program and distributing it. I'm currently using WinLicense for encryption. Do you know a better program for license and/or encryption?
  7. USB Rubber Ducky Tool Windows GUI for USB Rubber Ducky Description This tool was made to help beginner users of the USB Rubber Ducky create and copy payloads directly to their Ducky's MicroSD card. I decided to do this mini project since I am in an Intro C# class. I added all the features/options I could think of and tried to make is as user friendly as possible. I would love any feedback, recommendations, or tips that you have to offer! The GitHub Project Direct Download Features Select HD: Which drive the home directory for the ducky will be made.MicroSD: Which removable storage d
  8. Greetings everyone, I'm not from the Hak5 team but I wanted to share my work. I've made a small command line tool that can convert any plain/text file into a ducky script. I didn't know if this type of tool already exists so I created mine. Tool capabilities : Convert any file plain/text file (no matter it's size). Append commands after each lines More will come soon. Please note that this tool is "Open Source" you can download it from github, it's written in Pascal (see link below). For the moment this tool can only be executed on Windows. If you want to run it on a Linux system you can
  9. Here's a bash script that lets you easily compile scripts as well as flash firmware! Unfortunately, when I paste the script directly on to this page, it isn't shown correctly so here is a dropbox link to it (my Github account has messed up a bit so I can't sync my repositories anymore): Link (Click Here!) Here's the script if you want to review it before downloading:
  10. For the full tour of the application, please view http://www.elithecomputerguy.com/ETCGCommunity/index.php?do=/forum/thread/65/aircrack-ngui/. Mods, I am not redirecting to another site for any ad purposes. Merely because you have an image limit. So, the abridged version. My program is a graphical interface to Aircrack-NG, dsniff, and nmap (at least the main part). If you go to "Other Tools", it includes other network/computer security tools that you can use (including Wireshark, MAC Changer, BURP Suite, TOR Network). My overall goal of the application is to be a "swiss army knife" for those
  11. Dear friends, I write some program with Microsoft Visual C# and .NET. i want to encode this program...so i use the more crypts tools....but i have not a good result. the Antivirus are all times catch it.so finally i use the shikata_ga_nai tool. yes it is working well. The all antivirus are bypassing well.that's my command....... sudo cat /root/Desktop/test1.exe | msfencode -c 1 -e x86/shikata_ga_nai > /test2.exe but problem is : The program is not working........ I try is windows XP 32 bit and 64 bit OS.....but same problem...... The error massage is: " Program too big to fit into mem
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