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Found 7 results

  1. NotPike


    Has anyone else played this game? If you like terminal based puzzle games with an interesting story this might be the game for you. Catchy sound track too. http://www.hacknet-os.com/
  2. So recently my Amazon account was hacked (my fault due to weak password I guess) and my Steam account attempted to be accessed at the same time along with several of my other accounts as well. So luckily Amazon reversed the transaction made and Steam sent me an email (thank god for multi factor authentication) and Steam also sent me the IP address of the attacker, I have pinned down the location to a residential apartment in Russia, my question is what next as they keep trying to gain access every few months?!?!?
  3. NotPike


    Who else fell in love with this game? This game has been out for a wile now but I still find myself replaying it. I'm a sucker for having my emotions toyed with lol.
  4. Recently i have been investigating the packets sent on my network to the servers outside the network on steam. With steam i can clearly view and see what the server addresses are and their IP however i cannot seem to then view hosts connected to them or to me. I also have a playstation and am wondering whether or not it is possible to view the other players public IP one way or another with wireshark. I have spent alot of time searching and cannot seem to find anything on this anywhere.
  5. jmelody

    Install SteamOS

    So I wanted to share with everyone how I installed SteamOS. There are other guides out there, but this one uses Hak5 equiptment, so I'm posting it here. Please note: THIS WILL WIPE YOUR DRIVE. Do not install this on something you are wanting to use for anything other than SteamOS! Reddit has topics on installing on a VM, dual booting, ect. Go check out reddit.com/r/steamos for more on that. First off, download the SteamOS installer from http://repo.steampowered.com/download/SteamOSInstaller.zip Other things you'll need: A MOBO that supports UEFI bios WiFi Pineapple (I am using a Mark V, but others should work too as long as you can get client mode) USB drive (I had problems with a Kingston DT101, so I used a Cruzer Fit that came with a black friday order from the Hak shop) processor that is 64bit ready (most modern processors) Nvidia GPU (work arounds can be found on reddit for AMD/Intel) hard drive you don't need the data off of (I used a 64gb SSD that had Xubuntu 13.04 on it) some Linux CLI smarts (It should work without this, but it's good to know what your doing) 1. Start by formatting the USB to the default FAT32 format. This takes off any preloaded items that may cause problems. 2. Next unzip the installer to the root of the USB. Do not unzip then copy the folders. I read that this leaves out something the installer looks for, but try it if you want. 3. Shut down your computer 4. (Optional) Unplug any hard drives you want to keep the data on 5. Restart your computer and boot from the "UEFI usbvendornamehere" drive 6. Select the Autoinstall option (I tried the expert install with the Kingston DT101 drive and it tried to install it to the same drive it was reading from) 7. Let the installer do its thing (make sure you read the nottice and pull the USB before your reboot) 8. Boot into the new OS 9. Change the login to use the GNOME session and use login name: steam pass: steam All of that was straight forward and can be found in the FAQ http://steamcommunity.com/groups/steamuniverse/discussions/1/648814395741989999/ Next the instructions say to run steam and accept the EULA blah blah blah. If your using wireless, you'll nottice that the firmware is missing. This is where I come in to help our community. Bust out your Pineapple (I assume you have already used it and it is connected as a client to your WiFi), and plug it into your Ethernet. Sweet, now you have an internet connection. The instructions Steam provides says to run steam to get the EULA, but they didn't put an icon on the desktop to make it easy. Click the "Activities" button and then click the "Applications" button. Select the "Terminal" and just type "steam" (no "s) and hit enter. You should get the EULA. Sign your life, and first born child, over to Gaben and let it run. After it has finished updating, log out of the account. This time you won't need to log into GNOME, so just enter the login name: desktop pass: desktop Get back to the Terminal, like we got there before, and enter ~/post_logon.sh and hit enter. Let it do its thing. The screen will go blank, and text will scroll on the screen. When it gets to the end you will have to choose (y/n)...... choose y and hit enter (this is for the recovery). When it's done reboot, and you'll be in the SteamOS. This is basicly "Big Picture" mode, and to get back to a desktop enviornment: press Ctrl+Alt+F2 you will be prompted to login from the CLI (use the desktop or steam login and password) to get a GUI type startx and hit enter if you want to use root you need to make a password by opening a terminal and typing passwd and pressing enter.
  6. The closed beta for Steam on Ubuntu has started. Valve is looking for about 1k people to actively test the Steam client for linux. You can take the survey below to sign up for a chance to try the beta out. From What I understand you will need a Steam account with the game LFD2. This is great news for all of us Linux users, still using Windows for our gaming needs. http://www.valvesoft...linuxsurvey.php
  7. Steam is releasing a client for Ubuntu Linux. Better late than never I suppose. LINK
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