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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to do a replay attack on a remote control that I have. I can capture the signals fine but when I go to decode it the wave form looks very strange and very difficult to decode. The remote sends the same string 10 times. Maybe I'm missing something? I don't know. I would love some help from anyone and your answer would be greatly valued 🙂 Please see the following pictures Zoomed in The whole string zoomed out
  2. Received my Nano yesterday, am busy discovering how to use it. Today, after connecting to it via wifi (with the antennas on it), for some reason i had the antennas off, and then plugged it into my laptop via the USB and was doing some learning... with no antennas for about 10 minutes. I realized after 10 minutes that my phone was picking up the broadcast ID for the management AP, duh! Which means the Nano had been transmitting (what, 10x per second?). So i wonder how much damage that did. I know from amateur radio, can't xmit without an antenna. ... I measured the Nano's signal
  3. Hey everyone, does anybody know, if i can use this usb-wifi as a third radio for my Nano? => https://www.amazon.de/AVM-FRITZ-WLAN-Stick-Mbit/dp/B000X27VAW
  4. Hello everyone, My name is Squidy P and it has been six months since my last....wrong forum? To soon? Anyway, this is my first post and I am new to true hacking and pentesting. I have been messing with Linux for years and really enjoy the OS and getting under the hood. After watching some the HakTips I realize that I don't know that much about wifi or radios in general. I am looking to get a USB wifi adapter for testing and getting my feet wet. I don't think I should start with the Pineapple, although I am salivating wanting to get my hands on it. I think if I got a Pineapple I would be l
  5. Hii guyz... I need some help regarding the development of readio.. I want to display the radio channel digitally... so any idea about how to do it...
  6. So i just wanted to point your attention to an Kickstarter project which i stumbled upon, which will be realised and where you can now get the devices for the end of the year on Indiegogo. I ordered a few of them and my idea is to place an Pineapple device in some location and to control it remotly over these devices =) They have mash capabilities and the main point is that they do communicate with each other over regular radio frequencies which gives it a possibility up to a few kilometers (depending where they are placed of course!). They only use Wlan to connect the local devices to the sys
  7. Here's a YARDStick1 case design I made. Will post up the 3D files later so people can re-use/modify themselves.
  8. I´m kind of a noob to radio, but i was wondering how hard would it be to have your keyboard interact with your pc by radio, is it even possible for someone like me? if so, how about should i be trying this? Arduino maybe? I realise how inexperienced I sound, but hey, you gotta start somewhere.
  9. Hello, I am trying to replicate Shannon's aircraft tracking procedure in Hak5 1525.2. I'm pretty close to getting it working, but sadly ADS-B# no longer exists. Can you recommend an alternative? I also tried RTL1090 but it doesn't seem to work with ADS-B Scope, unless I set it up wrong. The RTL1090 program runs; just not sure if I need to switch on a certain setting to make the map show up on ADS-B Scope. Thanks! :-) Update: The RTL1090 beta version has a simplified scope program that works beautifully. However, I am still curious to see if ADS-B Scope will work with the RTL1090 progra
  10. I just purchased the SDR starter kit and I am trying to get it working on Windows 7. However, I cannot seem to find a driver package for it. Where might I locate it?
  11. I found an old UHF TV at the thrift store today and I thought to myself, what not a better way to learn how NTSC works! Simple stuff relay. If you want to transmit using a HackRF or BladeRF all you need to do is encode a .dat file with a Python script, run it threw GRC, and boom, Bob's your uncle! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTSC\ ttps://github.com/argilo/sdr-examples/tree/master/ntsc
  12. Dirty hack in the interface (Configuration module) to select a country code, to re-assert the correct channels and frequencies for your currently occupied country. I noticed the team have patched the Network panel to dynamically display the channel array in a nice dropdown box. I assume you already know linux and how to patch code, or can take this patch and make your own modifications; standard disclaimer: use at you own risk, simples! diff -Npaur pineapple/modules/Configuration/api/module.php pineapple-new/modules/Configuration/api/module.php --- pineapple/modules/Configuration
  13. Just picked up my nano from you guys at defcon (great to see you all there!) and was curious which antenna is tied to which radio interface? Looking to do something similar to your point to point to multipoint and figured I'd ask before going the trial and error method. Also thanks for this awesome piece of hardware!
  14. Hi, i'm a Master student in electronics and i pretend to implement a SDR system however i'm still not sure if the best option would be buy or build one. The major difficulty need for the system is the frequency range that must start on 10MHz at least. I have looked for the Hack RF One, but i found out is necessary to apply an antenna to the device and in this case the frequency range will change. Do you know any possible adaptation to the Hack RF ONE to make it possible to have a frequency range starting closer to 10 MHz? I have been also searching for the main builders like National Instr
  15. SORRY IF I HAVE PUT IT IN THE WORNG FORUM I personally feel like i am missing a ton of interesting things about the HackRF (mainly videos and tutorials). there have been a 2 or 3 episodes about this on hak5. my questions: 1) is or/are there anyone who makes tutorials about the HackRF (have been looking around but cant find any clear videos or a channel). 2) does the HackRF work with automation gates? 3) is Hak5 going to make more videos about the HackRF? many thanks in advance
  16. This is a bit of a random question, and I'm not really sure where to post it, but I thought it might interest some of you. My dads car, like most newer cars, has a tyre pressure monitoring system, however hes been told by lots of different people they are more hassle then they are worth as the warning bleep goes off all the time because tyre pressures are always changing slightly. He's been told I can't turn the aystem off because the manufacturers say it's a safety feature. However when he gave his father in law a lift the other day he noticed the warning did not come on, but returned aft
  17. One of my friends just shared this article with me and I thought you guys would be interested in it as well. Here's the full article: http://phys.org/news/2015-03-technology-radio-frequency-capacity.html
  18. Hi everybody, I just recently discovered HAM radio. I haven't gotten my license yet but I'm studying for it. Meanwhile, I've been doing some research as to setting up my base station. My goal is to be able to transmit and receive on VHF and UHF bands, and HF would also be great but is not necessary. As I did my research, I realized that there are many routes to my goal, but the ones I've found are very expensive. I am looking for something under 300 dollars, preferably 200, including antenna, transceiver, coax, key, microphone and anything else that is necessary. It would be great if any of y
  19. Alright, so I decided to write up a short intro to RF. Its got the basics of electromagnetic waves, including definitions like wavelenght, frequency and so on. It goes on to describe a few basic digital modulation techniques, how they work and what they're used for. Finally, it goes on about sampling and why we need I/Q sampling and what it actually is. Hope its helpful to someone out there! http://www.mediafire.com/view/yza84fmazflonl0/rf.pdf I quite like writing up tutorials, so if anyone's got any other ideas or requests they'd like in a tutorial like this, comment what you think! It can
  20. For the UK: This link: http://www.lightning.org.uk/frequencies.html Is great for knowing those tower frequencies, if you tune into the frequency for an airport near you (you may need a larger antenna), usually you can see bursts either side of the main freq, if your quick and tune into a burst you can hear tower/aircraft chat to each other. e.g. permission to take off/land, current vectors, location, height, etc.
  21. USA Frequency Allocation (RF Spectrum) Its a big picture, too big for this post, here is the link.
  22. Hi, I searched for this topic on the internet and forums, so here I go I may not be asking this question correctly,but is there a way to keep one of the radio's encrypted(perhaps by karma broadcast) so that I could broadcast a secure connection, and leave one of the radios open for normal use Or possibly a way to make both encrypted for "legitimate" wifi use.
  23. I found an old Alfa lying around that I purchased. It also came with the Alfa 7dBi flat panel. This is the link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B0041OI01C/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?qid=1385399741&sr=8-2π=AC_SX110_SY165 Will that flat panel work fine with the pineapple? Also, which side of the Mark V is the "Karma Antenna" side on? I would experiment but I don't want to turn it on with an antenna that I think has contact when it doesn't, could be bad for the radio apparently. Many thanks!
  24. Hi all, Having what seems like a problem with the Pineapple and wondering if anyone else has seen this or can offer support... It seems like the radio in my Pineapple isn't functioning properly. After boot up, I can see my Pineapple's SSID but can no longer connect to it. I receive a general connection time-out from BT5, Win7, and Mac OS X. When I enable Karma, I have at least 5 devices in my house that Karma should see including BT5 on an HP Laptop, Windows 7 machine, Linux Machine, an iPhone (I've even got apple's success.html on the pineapple to enable this) and a few others, but it see
  25. Does anyone know if there are any benefits for wifi radio/gear if you have a general ham operator license? Can I legally use higher dbm wifi radios or anything like that? I've heard that I can send packets through ham bands, but the FCC doesn't like encryption so that's a bit of a bummer.
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