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Found 1 result

  1. Mr. Skittles


    Hello Hak5/Wifi Pineapple I live in a RV and I want better WIFI. and all the solutions I am finding ar up it the $500 range. So this is the best priced solution I can find. But I have a few question before I buy either one. But first let me tell you how I would like to have it set up. I would like to have a normal houes network set up. IE Wiered printer, Xbox, Computer. (Yes WIFI is amazing but I just want to have a closed network with no out put of signal. And I just want to not be sleeping right next to the Router with the out put of the radios 10 feet from my head.) 1. The videos I see says the Nano is Ethernet over USB. Could I have the Nano plug in to a Ethernet to usb cable/hub and have it go it to a ethernet hub/switch/router to connect to a network. if not could I do that with the Terra. 2. If I were to get the Terra Would I need to get 2 antennas ( I have read that there are 2 ant in and 2 ant for out) and mount them to my Bat Wing. If I Were to do that would ther be able to be right next to each other or is there a distance that they need to be apart. or Could I get away with just one or could I do this 8 dBi and then get a Stronger directional antenna. 3. Is the UI of the Pineapple functional enough to get in to it ever day and just use it to log in to the coffee shop that is a quarter mile down the street. Or like I do a lot of, is park at a Home Depot and use their free Wifi when I am parking over night. ( I Live in the RV) the way The Home Depot has their internet set up is that you need to "log in" by clicking an I accept button on a window that pops up on my computer. Would it still pop up on the computer or would I have to do something in the pineapple to get it to work when it is it bridge mode. 4. This is just a curiosity Question.Is there a way to have different Skins or different set ups in the pine AP so I could customize the way it looks and accessibility to my need ie Speciel Bridge mode layout. I know this router does so much more things then I would need but the one thing I cant find in the routers at the stores is the ability to have the phone be tethered hot spot. I want to have the ability to have a usb dongle or tether my phone to the Pineapple and get the internet that way. Thank you for all of your help.
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