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Found 4 results

  1. I am trying out my new Nano on Raspberry Pi 3b+ and have issues with getting Nano online. I have ran the wp6.sh and checked the default gateway and confirmed the ports but it ain't getting online (bulletins not updating). Any suggestions or ideas on what I should try? Is it a Pi issue? Cheers, Jack
  2. Hi all, I was playing with hoover.pl last night, which works great, apart from when it gets to line 108; (system("$iwconfigPath $interface mode monitor")) && die "Cannot set interface $interface in monitoring mode!\n"; It returns the above die error, with the reason given being; Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) : SET failed on device wlan1 ; Device or resource busy. I am using a RPi3 with an Alfa Wi-Fi card connected to one USB port. The internal Wi-Fi chip is wlan0 and the external Alfa card is wlan1. I have the internal chip wlan0 connected to my home Wi-Fi, as intended, so that I can SSH to the RPi. However, I believe the issue above is stemming from the fact that, when I run iwconfig, both wlan0 and wlan1 are showing as being connected to my home Wi-Fi. I don't want this; I would like wlan0 to connect to my home Wi-Fi, but wlan1 to stay available to use in monitor mode. I have tried; iwconfig wlan1 down iwconfig wlan1 mode monitor (and/or) airmon-ng start wlan1 iwconfig wlan1 up No luck; wlan1 still insists on reconnecting to my home Wi-Fi and setting itself back to Managed mode. How can I stop wlan1 (Alfa card) connecting to my home Wi-Fi, but leave wlan0 (RPi3 internal) connected to it? Thank you.
  3. Hi all, How would you go about setting up a stand-alone Raspberry Pi, which would; Be powered by solar, battery, or any other method. At least a few days power, if possible. Have some sort of internet connection available, so one can SSH / NetCat to it. (Dongle?) Be as small and discreet as possible, so it doesn't get stolen. *edit* Think weather monitoring station, but too far away to connect to the same WiFi network as your home PC, and not in range of any free WiFi hotspots.
  4. Hello all, so got an idea, looked in the forums didn’t really find anything really related to this, thought ı would share it and ask for help :) where did this come from?: -shipping cost of pineapple to my location is 204USD -rpi has better harware spec (which is good when ur programming skills are a bit rough like mine) -u can add touchscreen to rpi Hardware Setbacks: rpi doesn't have pins to set a mode, unlike pineapple | possible solution, using the gpio on RPI Current stat: -someone shared the mkv4 ui online with in 2 days ı was able to get most of the UI working :) -ordered a couple of usb-wlan card, will test how they will work (rpi doesn like them all) -did try frutyfy, didnt really like it :/ Goal: (hardware) hardware: RPI2 os: Kali ( if kali v2 for gets released by august 7 for pi will continue with that) screens/panels: rgb lcd and 5inc tft support Network: 2 wifi cards, 1 Ethernet Where I need support: the source of mkv5 UI ( the github is empty) some coding in the gui (for the tft screen) possibly help on making the ui for on RPI Goal: (software) UI: pineapple :) multiple boot options: -wireless router (tor/vpn/normal) -plug to see network info (ip/subnet/dns, outgoing ports) needs screen and an online server -vpn gate way (plug the cable in, connect from home) future updates: adding media center functions to disguise the evil inside, so you can plug it to a tv it will work like a media center but will be a pentest box in the back :) open to any ideas/ resources etc
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