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Found 16 results

  1. Hey everyone, I am new, but i have a general android question and i am looking for pointers. You can run Kali, Debian and some other Distros in a chroot or proot in Android devices. My question is could i do it the otherway around? Like have /e/ running as Main system and run Android in a chroot. Or have it handled in some manner so that i could have a contained googlefied Android and a more anonymous Main system?
  2. Anyone know how to clone a phone number?
  3. This is my first post, but I've had some trouble finding much searching myself, so i thought i'd maybe give it a shot here. I have been trying to find an android phone, thats cheap, yet stable enough to use with WIFI pineapple nano and as a display device for RPI 3, as well as powering a nodemcu. Now finding a cheap android smart phone, is as easy as walking into any gas station. The issue at hand is the stabilty of these devices. Sometimes they work well for a few weeks, and sometimes i have issues right off the get go. I've had a phone that continued to crash during setup, I never got past that point with it. Now i haven't tried using any of the devices I listed with a phone like such yet, but it seems like a way better idea then using a device that i've actually put money into, that I have personal information on, used social media with .etc Of course you cant be 100% anonymous using the internet or any device, but starting clean and being able to just start fresh without really hurting your wallet would be useful. Anyways. I was just wondering if anyone else has thought or acted on this sort of idea.
  4. I recently read an article about an employee who was detained in US customs and was asked to unlock his phone. The article specified that he was a US citizen. http://www.theverge.com/2017/2/12/14583124/nasa-sidd-bikkannavar-detained-cbp-phone-search-trump-travel-ban *Puts on paranoia hat* Now I run the possibility that homeland security/TSA/CIA/{Insert other federal agencies here} will attempt to gain easy access to rootkit my phone by simply demanding that I unlock my phone for them. I am sure agencies already have the capabilities of doing this in the US, but I can see the same thing could happen at the customs border of other counties as well. This made me wonder about the legal implications of evading this. For example let's say you are traveling to China, and at immigration they ask you to step aside for some more questions. They could ask me to unlock my phone or be detained for a few days, but what if my phone was already broken and would not turn on at that moment? I think its unlikely for any agency to say, "Well because your phone will not turn on we will detain for a few days just to make sure." I am sure there is a clause somewhere that says they can detain anyone for any reason but the point would be they cannot try and leverage unlimited access to your phone (any possibly most of your life) in exchange for a shorter detained time. So here are my thoughts on some ways one might make a phone temporary inaccessible on demand if and when they ask you to step aside. 1. Factory default your phone. Not sure I like this option because it would only prevent them from any personal info currently on the phone. It would not stop them from a possible rootkit. If it were me, I would wipe then through the phone away after they do whatever it is they want to do with it. 2. Remove and destroy battery (possibility the usb port as well). I am making the assumption that they agency you encounter does not have the means to forensically take apart and power your phone at the airport. I have never worked at a airport but I know there are a lot of phones out there and I find it unlikely they have the tools and parts to make any or majority of phone operations from a defunct state at an international airport. This obviously means you would need to replace the party you destroy but they cannot access a phone with no power. What are your thoughts? These are the solutions I was able to think of, I want to know if someone has come up with better solutions.
  5. (01) i was curious if there was a product somewhere that was a rubber ducky like device that was disguised as a USB charger (the logic board could possibly be in the Brick or a modified charger cord) and worked as one as well with the addition of the rubber ducky features if not i think that would be a useful innovation for someone capable of creating such a device to take advantage of this would be used to get info off of a phone that was connected to the rubber ducky like device if there are any downsides to this idea please let me know as well as if there are any pros to this mental exercise product
  6. How to make free internet calls ? (VoIP) from computer? Anybody knows that?
  7. Hey all, Pleas see http://thehackernews.com/2016/04/spy-phone-call-location.html "In BriefThe famous ‘60 Minutes’ television show shocked some viewers Sunday evening when a team of German hackers demonstrated how they hacked into an iPhone used by U.S. Congressman, then recorded his phone calls and tracked his movement through Los Angeles. Hackers leverage a security flaw in SS7 (Signalling System Seven) protocol that allows hackers to track phone locations, listen in on calls and text messages." My question is basically; how would this be possible? What methods/coding/programs would be used? *Edit* And when it says 'a security flaw in SS7', anyone know of this? What's the flaw? Just find it fascinating!
  8. Hi all, Is there a way to load multiple payloads for different mobile phones on to one Rubber Ducky, and then get the payload to recognise the model of the phone it has been plugged in to and run the appropriate payload? Thank you, Haze
  9. Hi all, Apologies if this has been asked before, I'm new here and I had a good look around the forum but couldn't find anything related. When using the Rubby Ducky to run commands on a mobile phone, you have to of course use the equivilent of keyboard shortcuts, for example the shortcuts found here; http://www.pcworld.com/article/184656/android_keyboard_shortcuts.html Is there a website or resource available that lists the shortcuts for multiple phones, so regardless of which mobile phone I wanted to create a payload for, I could easily look up the shortcuts required to type up the payload? It'd be nice to not have to scour the internet for an hour each time I wish to create a payload for a different phone, trying to find it's keyboard shortcuts. Thanks all, Haze
  10. hello everyone, i was wonder about support regard security issues/exploits. so like most of you guys i also carry a "smartphone" (android in this case). what do you guys think the support on a "smartphone" should be? 2 years, 3 year, 5 years? and should it receive security updates even a year after the mentioned years? also i own a HTC One M7 (android) should in this case HTC (and or any other brand) make a security update for a phone regarding the fact that it is 3 years old because of the stagefright exploit? Thank in advance and sorry if the reading is wonky
  11. Hi guys, I plan to install a new in-house PBX, but I'm not secure in my knowledge, so I need some confirmation. I've done some research and I feel an IP PBX would be my primary choice. I run a small trade company that needs 12 telephones (including hardphones and mobile devices as well). We use them for both of internal and external communication. In addtition to the basic PBX features (as well as call routing, conference calling, voicemail, call queuing, etc.) I have some special requirements related to the new phone system: I have only one office, but my employees (especially the sales representatives) are often out-of the office. That's why mobile phones are essentially needed for us. So I'd like to attach mobile devices to our PBX as well. Concerning that my target audience consists of mainly young people (they are mostly 26-35 years old), I'd like to facilitate them to contact us by using any innovative, free, Internet-based communication method. So a chat console and/or a click-to-call webphone would be also appreciated. After checking the possible solutions at Alternativeto.net, I've tried some trial versions and finally it seems that Ozeki Phone systems suits best for my needs. Can anybody tell me if this is a good option for my requirements? Is there any other option I should look at? Because I'm always searching for the best, I tend to be a little (that is very) insecure, so I'd like to hear other people's opinion about the issue. A little review of it will be a great help for me! (Is it stable, trustworthy, etc...?) I’m looking forward to your opinion here or even in e-mail (just.me.warner@gmail.com)! Thanks a lot in advance! Regards, Justin
  12. I prepared this payload for a kind of a social engineering test. It basically changes the idle text of the SIP phone to whatever you want. The payload may not work in the older firmware versions of 1140e. //idle text has a limit of 24 chars max. REM This payload changes the idle screen text REM of the Nortel/Avaya 1140E SIP phone DELAY 1000 ESC DELAY 150 CTRL F4 DELAY 150 CTRL F4 DELAY 150 CTRL F2 DELAY 200 STRING 1 DELAY 200 STRING 2 DELAY 200 BACKSPACE REPEAT 24 DELAY 300 REM Some delay between words. Phone isn't as fast as rubber ducky STRING You DELAY 100 STRING are DELAY 100 STRING in DELAY 100 STRING trouble DELAY 250 CTRL F1 DELAY 150 ESC I believe similar payloads can be written for the Cisco phones.
  13. Hi ! I know that you can already find a small number of payloads on Github, but there are many more that have been created by the community. For example, we found none for Android on GitHub. And, I have experienced the difficulty to find exactly what I need ;) That's why I think it would be a good initiative to gather as much as possible payloads on this topic. If you have created an effective and fun on, or if you use regularly one made by another member, why not post it below to share it ? (select those who are not already on GitHub for the moment please) If you are interested, try to complete a short form of this type and post it below. Title : Author : Target : Description : Obviously, if it does not seem to be a good idea, let me know -_-
  14. So I just watched this video, and its amazing. The idea of having a phone that does this is simply incredible, however, it seems it has some flaws on how it works. How would you just be able to put the charge port in another place? With WLAN and Bluetooth modules, this could be possible because the OS (Android ftw) could detect a new device on the bus and deploy the correct kernel mod, Put CPU and Power, wat? Please share your thoughts on this :D PhoneBloks
  15. I know this is a long shot (since it's 2012), but we don't have any Phone Phreaks in the house, do we? There's an older guy I have known for a couple of years from a Commodore club -- a real old school phone phreak. I respect the heck out of him and we normally get along really well, but we're having a little friendly disagreement right now, which has given way to him phone phreaking me a bit. He somehow made my calls forward to an adult bookstore and their calls forward to me. It's in good fun, but obviously I want to hit him back. I have read old proto-hacker stories about phone phreaking, but I don't know any decent tricks that I can pull off on the modern phone system, other than Caller ID spoofing. I suppose a lot of it is social engineering; though I'm not really good at that at all. Any suggestions, thoughts, tips, tricks, useful stories, or related download links?
  16. I know this is basic, but I'm drawing a blank, please help me out. When I call a cell phone from VOIP and hold the cell near the comp there's some sort of feedback noise that occurs in a frequent rhythm (the noise comes and goes every second or so). Is this an example of some kind of recursive process / feedback loop? By the way, I was using Skype for this experiment but I kind of hate Skype. I once had a VPS with Cent OS + PBX as an option for the OS and that made me wonder if I can just run my own VOIP service somehow so that I can make calls and maybe even have an associated phone number without having to suck off patronize big brother and get spied on just to have phone service?
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