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Found 8 results

  1. hello i wanted to ask which hak5 tool helps me to get information of any kind about the particular pc
  2. Just wanted to see if there were any Star Citizen peeps lurking here :-) Looking forward to the 3.0 update, once it goes live, going to hop into my m50 or 350r and find a canyon to go barreling through :-)
  3. Just wanted to share, I've been on an Empyrion Galactic Survival kick for a little while now and they just released a pretty neat update. I am currently playing on the UnknownSkies server and the folks there are pretty nice and helpful. They have some other servers as well, unknownskies.com has all the info. More about Empyrion, it's basically minecraft, rust, and space engineers all got together and had a baby. The game can be challenging and you get to build anything you set your mind and time to. You also have to mine resources and manage food and oxygen, it's pretty cool. I will link the steam page when I get home, I can't get to it while at work :-( Cheers!
  4. I want to build a workstation to polish my Pen test Skills for my Security Analyst job interviews and want to have something powerful to do the all Security related work. so I want to know that what GPU and CPU is better for such Cracking passwords and hashes plus can also handle serious workload?. Are professional GPUs better for hacking sort of work or the Gaming GPUs?. I also want to know which CPU is better to go for Xeon or i7 extreme?.Thanks
  5. I was thinking about how the pine64 and similar boards have this hdmi with touchscreen support outs, might be in the form of capabilities. By this, my question or purpose of topic is; Would it be possible to utilize the hdmi out technology available on the android or mainstream (Apple,Microsoft) based cellular devices, by turning them into the receiver of the pine64 board's hdmi output? Would it be possible to flash old android hardware to be a fully featured touchscreen for that specific and expandable purpose? or, are there any ways to utilize the digitizer (touch-screen) from older cell-tech? It's hard to explain what i'd like to do, but the best way I can describe it would be to reference a commercial product such as the name brand of a router, with an old school (original palm pilot aka palm pda) touch screen or maybe it's a tft touch screen i'm unsure... I just am not sure of what kind of links would break the rules, so if there's any admin reviewing this before posting.. Feel free to point me in the right direction please. Ty.
  6. i want to try and create a server that can run old school console games AND pc games (dont ask why i just want to make one for fun). example; i have a game called socom us navy seals(ps2) and want to creat a sever for this and be able to play via game console and pc (if possible). what are the programs that i need to download (it is going to run Ubuntu) any suggestion is welcome if people want to help in there spare time that is also welcome as for system specs its an old Dell 1gb Ram CPU is a AMD opetron (not sure the model) 500GB RAID 0 or 1 OR System i am currantly using Core I7-920 24GB RAM GTX 970 Enough storage on this system it would run via virtual box
  7. So I have been looking all over and can't find a solid setup for my situation, and I was hoping the community could help. So I am looking into buying a few things, including an Alfa AWUS036H, and was wondering what all I would need. So first off I will be using the card for both my PC and my Nexus 7. I am guessing the card will drain my Nexus 7 if I ever do use it on there, so I am looking into buy a battery pack similar to the pineapple juice. What else would I need to use the pack to power the card, and still use the card with my Nexus 7. Would the USB hub cable in the hak5 store be sufficient? If that cable would work, what would the setup be? What would plug in where? If there is something wrong with my situation, please help me and correct me. I would appreciate suggestions. Thanks EDIT: Another thing I would like to know is, what is a great battery that you would suggest? I am just trying to get everything straight before I invest. EDIT 2: I will probably just go with the 036NHA from the hak5 store.
  8. ok, I'm venturing into a realm I'm a 100% no0b at: Water Cooling for PCs. I'm wanting to build a rig that will live in the family room (the main tv, a 40" , will be the main monitor, and have the ability for satelite monitors if applicable). What I'm going for: An Asus Maximus V Extreme I have two x 2GB DDR3 sticks of RAM for it I have a Cooler Master 460w PSU (should be enough for basic operation? mobo has HDMI, planning that to go to my monitor) Cooler Master case (current model is unknown, photo upon request) I'm wanting to get an Intel 1155 i5 or i7 chip. I'm looking at the Koolance CPU-380i Water Block ( http://koolance.com/cpu-380i-processor-water-block ) and I'm also eyeballing the Koolance 2x12 Radiator ( http://koolance.com/radiator-2-fan-120mm-30-fpi-copper ) my questions are: - What size tubing will I need for that? I think 3/8in - fixtures?? There is a lot more than I thought , deer in the headlights - anyone recommend a good pump & resovior? - What about the coolant liquid: is there a specific type I need? wanting to do like an alien/blood/deep red for show (gotta show it off to house guests B) ) lastly: any advice? again total deer in the headlights but I want to learn. Thanks in advance! :D
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